New legendaries meganade and thunderfire drop location

They drop from the two bosses self loathing and despair in the subconscious map. I cant take credit for finding this. I saw this info by a youtuber joltzdude 139. Just thought id share with everyone on here.


I’ve happened to had a glimpse of the Meganade on the se7ensins forum and not sure if I could be right but is the reference “Suck!Suck!Suck!” related to a certain song which was originally written by a group called PigFace.

Yupp they drop from them, I have a lvl 70 version… implosion shock grenade with reallly high damage!

The thunderfire might be my new favorite weapon. Its so damn amazing.


agreed, thunderfire is ridiculous with athena. meganades cool as well, but just can’t build stacks like a storm front (still enjoyable to use though)

It’s good for Aurelia, a cryo nade with crowd control that bunches them together for easy HS and diadem action.

i got one in electric from those two fellas… does it come in other flavors? wait they drop both the thunderfire and meganade?

Meganade sounds like a reference to ‘Megamaid’ from the goofball Mel Brooks comedy ‘Spaceballs’. When Megamaid (transforming space ship) is released the characters chant “Suck, Suck, Suck” here’s a clip…

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awesome catch there @Slaytah. and can the meganade come in diff flavors? i got an electric one but a cryo one would be awesome for aurelia like @greenlexluther says.

I got an explosive one and the first vid I saw of it was cryo so its same to assume it comes in all flavours.

Yeah I’ve seen two vids, one with explosive and another with fire

<----------------- salivates. the meganade seems to have a small explosive radius tho, and doesn’t seem to do much damage. although i only just got one on jack and haven’t used it to much

Like someone said above. Its amazing for bunching people together. Cause it stuns the enemies the three times. And they cant do anything for a little bit. As the grenade keeps pulling them in. So i just blast them as they are being pulled. And the explosion from the grenade finishes off anyone i couldnt kill in time. Its such a great grenade.