New Legendary, 5-Ringer Discount

So, how long do you think it will be before it gets sent the way of the Voxis Core, disabled for months on end? I’m not sure if it affects ultimate’s, but even if it doesn’t the amount of skill spam that an orendi/pendles can throw out means that a Reyna with this item would be able to keep throwing out over-shields like they were candy. And it only gets worse the more you stack it.



Oh… I want that now… I want that SO bad; the other Rogue legendaries are trash.


Oh gosh


I love the Rogues, but their gear selection options are kinda trash.

Sprint speed and CC reduction gear needs a buff, imo. But only because that is what Rogue gear does primarily. Or rather, secondarily. (get it?)

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If you think sprint speed needs a buff, you have never gone against my Rath :smiling_imp:

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It does when it’s a secondary stat on Rogue gear. It’s really trash unless you’re building to abuse it.

Then I build to abuse it. And I abuse it well.

Melee characters can benefit from it quite well.

I don’t use it because 4% isn’t worth taking on Whiskey or Reyna. Better to build dps on whiskey, and survivability on Reyna.


I’ve never been in a situation in which moving slightly faster helped me as a ranged character.

It’s a 5.6% increase for sprint speed secondary increase. I think you are thinking of the movement speed secondary increase of 4.2%

Yes, and that’s not as helpful as the cooldown secondary, unless you’re attempting to build for image

As a secondary stat, it sucks.

Of course, CC reduction sucks MORE, but whatever.

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With Rath it’s very easy to reach those speeds. One movement speed and one sprint speed gear will put me on par with a cloaked Pendles movement. Any thing more and I exceed it. And once I get level 7’s evasive maneuvers, nothing can touch me. I can run past an enemy accelerator as if I wasn’t even slowed.

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For the most part, Rogue gear is bad in those departments. I think the skill spike might be an exception due to the buff to special effect chance.

On a side note, this gear does seem strong. One rogue can reduce the cooldown by a solid 4 seconds if two abilities are used.

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Enough with the Mellka complaining already. It’s getting old. If you think she’s bad, Play Oscar Mike. He’s worse.

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I would say the opposite. At least with oscar you won’t keel over and die when people approach you.
Oscar may have a worse dps at first glance, but he has no spread and decent health pool. Sure, his nades such, but everything else is fine. Its not like a -30% dps output to all skills type of nerf, and if anything, I think his nerf was bs too. But he is still useable, if not playable because of his sights. I think Mellkas nerf was BS, and have every right to post it, as long as facts back me up.

I mean it. GBX had no clue what this nerf would do, and I am kinda tired of it. I will try single player pvp saturday, but like with others, she has a steeper learning curve, and a nerf like this sucks. Maybe she can’t be played splitscreen anymore. Will post stats before and after for wednesday next week, hope it goes well.

GROSS. I hate Rath even MORE now! Are you happy yet?!

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Heheheh, wanna bet?

@timtoborne Like he can’t cloak or anything else. Sure, he can’t take boat loads of damage, but its not like GBX is telling you to walk up to people and try to kill them. Thats what they did to mell, and it sucks. Will try more out saturday, but for now I am (rightfully) pissed off.

Mellka has two damage abilities aside from her ult, Mike’s got one and a bad one at that since the napalm nerfs. Mellka has mobility to get out of dodge and natural regen, Mike has none aside from his stealth which isn’t gonna save you if you have a debuff. Mellka’s pistol does more damage than Mike’s until he reaches five. Hell Mellka offers some cc with her slow. Mike offers 0 except for a level 10 air strike which is on a 50 second cooldown.


Umm, you have never touched Mellka before, have you?
Cause her one ability is best left to escape, and other is pitifull now. Like, excessivly pitifull. Can do a 200 damage to anyone around her after 1second animation time. As well, Mike can zoom and has no damage falloff due to spread. Mell can’t fight unless close quaters, and even then its a death sentence. At that point mays as well play pendals or cald, as he does the same things as Mellka now but receive buffs no matter what instead of nerfs.

Mell’s kinda in the same boat as oscar. She’s got one damaging ability, that’d be spike, and while claw lunge does deal damage, it’s best to use it to escape, because her health is too low for how close she has to be to deal damage.

Her spread is too bad to reliably fire from mid range, and her poison is trash now.

If they hadn’t nerfed her poison AGAIN, no one would be complaining so hard today. 6 Damage per tick. ~48 damage per second. Trash.

OM is no better off, but Mellka is in bad shape right now, to be sure.