New legendary grenade found!?

Ive seen a legendary atlas and hyperion online…but this is made by tediore and cannot find this on the internet

I believe i have this or had lol, wont go there.
Will check later when im on.

If you do can you post a pic in a reply dude that would be great

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I got this today from Graveward.

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I got one yesterday from grave. He started dropping a lot of transfusion grenades out of the blue. I got cryo/rad/shock/corrosive and fire but only the cryo is a lobbed the rest are homing.

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I have 2

Corrosive and shock

They arent that bad

Grave dropped a Hyperion and Tediore variant for me on Saturday. I checked the spreadsheet back then and it had all three (Atlas as the third).

EDIT: silly me. Here’s the spreadsheet:

Thanks for that! That explains the difference now

Sorry i took so long… believe i got it from world drop.

Edit… ohh mine is Hyperian.

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A grenade’s manufacturer is based on its delivery method.

Tediore: Lobbed
Vladof: Impact
Hyperion: Longbow
Atlas: Homing
Torgue: Exploder


Surprisingly useful info!

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There another frog vr of that for get the name of it i think its name was a bit longer had 3 effects on ti healing both health and shields and something else for get the 3rd effect. also got them from Graveward.

Nope, not new.

As for screenies, the above info on manufacturer for grenades and this is probably better: