New level cap? New OP levels?

I fail to find any “exact” information on this. Plain and simple:
What is the new level cap, what is the new maximal OP level? How do old OP levels and new level cap react to each other? Old OP8 guns = new lvl 80 guns?

New level cap: 80
New OP cap: OP 10

Old OP8 guns are indeed lvl 80 and if you have some when starting after downloading the DLC they are shown as OP8 and progress down to OP7 when you level up and so on. They also make the DLC kinda easy… If you haven’t unlocked OP levels on that character they’d show as lvl 80 and red so you can’t equip them as you don’t meet the requirement.

You need to reach lvl 80 now to get access to op levels so even if you were a lvl 72 OP8 player you need to level up before getting access to new OP8 or progress to OP9 and OP10.

Also if you had unlocked some op levels before the DLC you can straight up access that OP level when you reach lvl 80.


I never cared for OP levels. And I’m a bit salty that all my lvl 72 loot is kinda… useless now.

Yes, that is a bit annoying. However at same time I feel weird kind of excitement. I got my main character to lvl80 few hours ago. But after that I jumped to OP8 and got wrecked. Now I realize that all of my OP8 gear is 8 levels behind(everything is lvl80 now). All of the OP8 top tier gear that I had farmed and stashed between all playable characters now is to be cleansed. Lot of perfect parts gemstone guns down a drain. But I look forward to it, this challenge to start farming all of gear all over again. Good thing I have spare resources to use, so I’m ready for the first step - using seraph crystals and torgue tokens to buy Antagonist and Unkempt Harold.

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I mean, I’m mainly salty about my Pearls and the Grog I got from someone who got it in the Hunt.
I refuse to gib items besides when I screw around or test stuff, so now I can clean out all my inventories.

Considering the Grog is used mainly for healing there’s no reason your Community Day GN shouldn’t still be useful- heck, I still use my level 47 one on current OP8 (now level 80) characters…


Can you guys explain how to go past level 72?

I have 2 chars at 72 (no OP levels). I haven’t finished the main campaign, just grinded through DLC’s. Chose my siren, level 72, tried killing some enemies, farming for XP, but the XP bar is not moving. So it’s locked at 72.

Then I finished digistruck peak, 1 round. Figured I’d level to 73 this way, but nothing, no changes. Still at 72.

So how do you actually level up? I’m using steam version on PC just in case.

Did you download the new DLC?

yeah, steam downloaded it automatically, i just haven’t entered it yet. Waiting to finish campaign before doing it. Do i need to enter DLC to activate level capping?

Only the character that starts the new dlc will gain XP- once you at least find the new base of operations you can go back to the main campaign and start to gain levels there if you want or continue with the new dlc.

ahh, thanx a lot, that explains it :slight_smile:

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Wait - so if my level 72 siren never goes into the 5th DLC, she’ll stay at level 72? If that’s true, that is most excellent news.

Hmmm, I just tried with a couple level 72 characters who have not been to the start of the new DLC. They earned XP when I killed stuff with 'em.

Steam automatically downloads an update for the Borderlands base game (some framework and under the hood stuff), but the DLC content itself was something I had to seek and download manually from Steam. Did you get both downloads? Fight for Sanctuary will still show in the Fast Travel even if you don’t have the DLC installed, showing an asterisk next to the name indicating that it’s not available.

you know i never checked. I saw it in fast travel and assumed it’s downloaded. I think it has an asterisk, so it prob means it’s not downloaded. I’ll go ahead and get download it if i can.

UPDATE: yeah, looks like it wasn’t installed in steam. Seems it’s downloading now, about 3gb.

thanx for clarification

UPDATE 2: Yep, it installed the DLC and now my 72 chars are leveling up.

thanx for all the help, cheers!


Awesome! Glad to hear!

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