*NEW LIST* LF M10 Weapons and Gear

I am looking for a handful of m10 anoint specific weapons for my build, I have the following list to offer in return for the items on the second list thank you. (Damage numbers are listed if I have more than one version of that weapon if no numbers are listed know the weapons are all m10)

  • Unlimited Rad Anarcy x20 (300/90)
  • Monarch 2100x8 (5% damage stack on kill)
  • Monarch 2500x4 Rad (300/90)
  • OPQ 9200x2 (200% Damage asa)
  • OPQ 9600x2 (50/150 Rad)
  • Sickle cryo x10 (sent/100 cryo)
  • Soul Render 6000 (200% Damage asa)
  • Soul Render Cryo 4400 (200% Damage asa)
  • Reflux (enemy under 25%take 50% more damage)
  • DP Tiggs Boom (consecutive hits + damage)
  • The Lob Fire (100% projectile speed ase)
  • The Lob Corrosive ( gamma burst 115% rad ase)
  • Face Puncher (50/150 Rad)
  • Cutsman Shock 6000 (300/90)
  • Cutsman Shock 6000 (200% Damage asa)
  • Kybs Worth R/Cryo (50/150 Rad)
  • Kybs Worth R/C (5% Damage and reload stack)
  • Ion Cannon Corrosive (50/150 Rad)
  • Yellow Cake 42k x2 (50/150 Rad)
  • Yellow Cake 44k x2 (200% Damage asa)
  • Yellow Cake 40k x2 (300/90)
  • Kaosan x2 all elements (50/150)
  • Nuclear Lyuda (50/150)

The following two lists are the items I am looking for and the anointments I want on them. (I will accept any of the following anointments on any of the following guns)


  • 200% damage asa
  • 300/90
  • sent/ 100 cryo damage
  • 50/150 Rad
  • 100 damage ase


  • Atom Balm Deathless (weapon damage and hp regen)
  • Old God Shield (Radiation with ase Rad anoint)
  • Monarch x4 or x8 (all elements)
  • Kaosan x2 (all elements, no 50/150)
  • Recurrsion (all elements)
  • Sandhawk (all elements)
  • Anarchy (18x or 20x)
  • Hellshock (5000x2)
  • Redistributor (all elements)
  • The Lob ( No corrosive)
  • OPQ (300/90 only)
  • Yellow Cake (40k x2 + damage)
  • Reflux (x14 damage)
  • Lucians Call (No Cryo)

PSN: Das_Nigl3t
Thank you for taking the time of day to acknowledge this post and if there are any other items you’d like to offer that aren’t on this list go ahead and ask worst I can say is no thank you :slight_smile:


I have a 7993x2 OPQ iwth 50/150 rad

interested in trading for your Cake 300/90 ?

for the lyuda?

interested in this.

psn nat_zero_six

Have any other items?

Interested in this trade add my psn

Going to add your psn now