New loadout and bank slots?

I try my best to keep up with the patch notes and update news, but I don’t recall seeing any news regarding us receiving more loadouts or bank slots. Maybe I missed it.

Regardless (for others that also may not be aware), I just looked at the gear tab and apparently we can now purchase 15 loadouts and up to 279 bank slots? Beautiful! And right before Lootpocalypse? It couldn’t have come at a better time!

Thanks GBX!

I’d still love to see one (ideally two) two loadouts per character and a maybe 5 or 6 general loadouts, but I am very thankful for what you have added. :acmaffirmative:


Confirmed up to 15 loadouts (+6) and two new pages of Gear space in the update.



Yeah the original battleplan didn’t state the new bank space and such, but I believe it’s been updated now


Glad to know I wasn’t crazy! The second time I looked it over I saw it, but was positive I didn’t see anything about it the first time I looked.

I had the same reaction lmao

Just checked, confirmed addition, I have 117 Legendaries in 159 slots and 6 of 15 loadouts.