New Maliwan content

Hey guys just read somewhere that the new Malian content is only going to be scaled for 4 players at level 50, and it wont be scaled for less players or lower levels. Is this accurate? They mention it was an interview or some kind of podcast or something and if I’m being honest I absolutely hate watching anything that involves people just talking and explaining things that has information that I need. I cant stand watching other people play video games either (twitch) even if it is about I game like borderlands 3 that I love playing. I guess I’m weird but whatever, I just wondered if anyone can verify that it’s for only 4 level 50 players? If it is then that really blows because even though I love gearbox and their games and content ant have no complaints about the game: it is typically just my wife and I that play together on our own schedule and pace. Also we aren’t “meta-gamers” so we just play our characters the way we want and have fun even for mayhem 3. It would really blow to not be able to play the content if it’s just us or to have forced to find people to play with. Hoping this isn’t the case. Any info would be much appreciated! Thanks and sorry for the random rant!

As of right now the raid is balanced to 4 player co op, you can attempt it solo but they bragged that you wont get past the the first wave of new enemies.

So pretty much solo players will either be forced to group up or use OP builds that will get nerfed on a thurs hotfix.

And your rant isnt random…I said the same thing in a post the day the raid was announced. You’re not alone in you way of thinking. But other people are the exact opposite and want people to group up.

I think scaling the content based on party size is a good compromise.


If moze has a build where she is virtually unkillable how can they claim a 4 player scaling? Or do they mean 4 non minmaxed players?

Or do they mean Moze is getting nerfed into the ground?

Let me get this straight… they’re making a co-op optimized (aka multiplayer only) DLC for a single player, story based game whose multiplayer is bugged to ■■■■?

(slow clap)


They said they were nerfing her a long time ago… and they specifically said they were reworking infinite granades in patchnotes so I wouldnt get too attached to your Moze build.

Me I’m just doing a super lazy Max Health Regen Gamma burst Fl4k build.

I’ve been trying to focus on the gamma burst too. The gamma explosion and teleporting my skag is pretty awesome! Just trying different equipment as I pick it up any suggestions? I’d like to be able to handle mayhem 3 better myself

When I say super lazy I meant the other 3 VH s will be doing all the killing…I’m just going to give them Health regen and Pet taunting via a Red Fang class mode.

Basically Gamma Burst > enemies get taunting, other vault hunter kill the enemies while they are taunted > stay alive…rinse and repeat.

It’s a 100% a non viable solo build in Mayhem 3. I tried it on Mayhem 3…super slow. Painfully slow.

Seeing it’s essentially home to a raid boss, yes, this is accurate
And this will be fun

“Takedown at Maliwan’s Blacksite is “designed to be a four-player co-op mission at level 50,” and the enemies there will all scale to that level by default. You have the option to attempt this Takedown solo, but don’t be surprised if you don’t even make it past Maliwan’s first line of defense.”

This topic is in the main page already.

Well Mayhem 3 became trivialized with the nerfs to modifiers so I’m hoping for a new challenge on that raid.