New Matchmaking system: my opinion on it

The new matchmaking system has had me on the fence for a while now. On one side casual play has shortened queue times but on the other side some people will be forced to play modes they hate( I mainly play incursion and I hate meltdown and outright despise capture because of spawn camping)
But I know some don’t like incursion and it sucks for them since that’s what’s getting picked 90% of the time. This is just a test but I seriously think they should rework this so you’re not forced into playing the modes and maps you hate


It is horrifying. I cannot believe someone thought it was a good idea to remove a player’s choice of what mode to play. I honestly cannot believe it. This terrible idea killed Battlefront for me. I have premium in BF, and the day the first DLC dropped I stopped playing completely. Just done. Why? “Playlists.” AKA, you no longer get to choose what mode you play.

I love BB and I worried that I’ve just been pushed out of this game too. I feel absolutely justified in dropping from any game in which I’m forced into a mode I have no desire to play.


That’s how I feel when people pick meltdown it just outright enrages me because I want to play incursion not assisted robot suicide mode

I have a feeling this is due to the lack of player base.

They want to bunch up people into 2 groups instead of people searching in 3 different ques

of course this has made people quitting even worse. I played 5 games last night. 4/5 games we were short 1-2 people who quit right after the mode was chosen. those were casual games.

There is less quitting in competitive, but the wait time is way longer


I think they accomplished exactly what they meant to. They’ve said the balance of matchmaking is time, skill, and options. They’ve tried adjusting time and skill and held options as a constant. Now they’re trying the reverse. I would personally prefer to remove voting. Just have them cycle through modes/maps so that you get to play your favorite


A lot of people dont seem to get this. You have three wants, but only get to select two. Which want can you live without? For me, im fine with playing any of the three modes because they are pretty similar (incursion and meltdown very similar).

I have yet to see a better solution from all the people who say this new system is terrible.


Being forced to play a specific game mode: No, I hate that.

Casual play allows for 5-man premades: That is not casual. Don’t allow any more than 2 man premades in “casual” play


Personally I’m more of a capture/meltdown person and today out of the 8 games I’ve played, 6 have been incursion. I don’t hate incursion but I’d like to have a choice if I want to play a game that will take 10-15 minutes vs 20-30 minutes. They should definitely go back to the original set up with causal. I can see competitive with the way it is now because if you’re playing competitively you should be able to play (and play well) on each mode.



premade vs pug is always a one sided roflstomp (in my experience)

inb4 the same people come in and claim they always stomp 5 man premades on the daily.

The system before was way better, longer queue times but atleast you played what you wanted too instead of being forced to play stupid maps or modes you don’t care about, and you keep saying incursion and meltdown is similar and come with vague ■■■■, then capture and incursion is simiar as well because you build turrets to defend an area.


No gearbox! No! Look what you did! Rubs Gearbox nose in matchmaking You do that outside! Bad gearbox. Tricking people into thinking they have a choice. Democracy is a fallacy. We all know incursion is going to be the next president. RIP Capture. Next RIP Battleborn. Let’s make Battleborn great again!


I dont think it was better. I think it was garbage. Why should I be forced to play with a bunch of bads that dont know how to play?

Whats worse a “bad” map with good players? or a good map with bad players? Ill take the “bad” map every time.

How is it THAT different? You escort minions and fight players along the way, while create/destroying buildable and collecting shards. The only real difference is 1 lane vs 2 lanes, and a end point which fights back, vs one that just kills minions.

Its really not vague. Vague would be you kill stuff in all modes, so they are the same.

The previous version. Done. Anything is better than removing mode choice.

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I honestly did not have long Q times before. I had no issue finding incursion games.


Or they could fix everything completly and let you select all game modes you are willing to play before queing, and THEN throwing you in. That way people who want quick games can have that by selecting all game modes, while those who only like Capture or Meltdown can have their way as well

Its how CS:GO does it, as well as Rocket League. The majority of the people who are fine with the changes will probably stay in all the queues, while the rest of us can focus on the single game mode we enjoy.

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I’m sorry but you’re in the minority here. You are one of the few that have defended this new system. I previously didn’t care, but after realizing how god awful capture is when the entire enemy team picks it, I can’t play competitive solo, and that’s not what I want at all. Wait times really didn’t improve, and I really don’t mind unbalanced matches. I need a mixture of stomping noobs with a decent amount of close games and sometimes even getting stomped. That’s your preference, but I think most people disagree.

Meltdown and Incursion both have minions that you escort. That’s it. Similarities end there. Meltdown has 2 lanes in which you can travel between fairly easily and you can control, carry,and win a game as one person. Incursion you cannot do this as you still need a competent team and cannot defend your sentry for 5 attackers. In meltdown, if I’m Oscar Mike, I can essentially keep the game within 100 pts at the very least even if I have 4 other bots against a 5 man premade. I like playing solo, and I like having a good chance at winning regardless of who I’m playing with. The second I’m forced into capture, I get spawn camped while solo instead of being able to play meltdown.


It’s funny cause I only got to play Incursion 2 times out like 10.

Played against the same 3 man pre-made back to back and I guess they only ever play Meltdown cause they destroyed us each time. It was pretty frustrating.

I posted my fears yestorday and all my fears have come true. Competitive is just people playing their 1 mastered character over and over and Casual is filled with 5 man premade teams.
80% Incursion vote which is my least favorite mode, is annoying but It’s a nice change of pace from the normal Meltdown so I don’t mind it.

When I finally got 2 buddies on to play and we got matched with 5 man premades that consisted of 5k+ kills and 20+ days played players who were not remotely in our skill range.

The skill system that is in place currently needs a little work.
So far my experience has been horrible. Before the update I could get high minion kills regularly and sometimes player kills without dying an entire game(I’ve always been one to prioritise minions over players if possible), but now I can barely kill a minion before some master of whoever runs in and wrecks me so fast my mouth is left open.

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i agree. i wholeheartedly agree. i dont want constant balanced matches. there is not nearly as much fun or incentive to be good if you are constantly kept away from average or bad players by matchmaking. i was in love with the matchmaking right before this update. i still like the matchmaking in casual, but not being forced to play meltdown, or even worse, capture when i do not want to


Not a fan of the new system either, although I understand why they did it. There must be a better way to still have some sort of choice for modes within the CASUAL and COMPETITIVE brackets.