New Matchmaking system: my opinion on it

I’ve yet to even see someone have a death count in the 20s. That’s a COMPLETE exaggeration because I can guarantee you’ve been put into more games considering you say you had a w/l of about 70% like me. I’m not going to argue whether it’s possible when I’ve done it though.

Once again, exaggeration. Thats extremely rare, and I just enjoy having games that are quicker than full length. I’m not going to argue or answer anymore when your counter arguments are just exaggerations of the opposite of what I’m saying.

Hey guys I never post in any forums but I felt like I should express my concerns for the new update :slight_smile:

I really don’t like how we now have to vote for which mode we get to play, and I don’t enjoy how we now only have the three maps available, I preferred Coldsnap over Paradise, Echelon over Overgrowth, but for capture Outback was my favorite. Don’t get me wrong I like all the maps, but if given the choice I would choose those. I really enjoyed the variety (even if it was just two maps) IMO it kept the game changing and I didn’t have to look at the same BG each match.
The first time I queued up for a match on the competitive mode, everyone voted between capture and meltdown which was fine for me, I think I’m decent on all modes and able to perform well. My team either didn’t know how to play meltdown or just fed the other team because they wanted to do capture.

The second Competitive mode I played was Incursion, I had a person DC from our team after everyone selected their character, I chose Ambra for the match, and the match ended because we didn’t have enough players. I really didn’t mind because hey, anything could have happened, bad connection, emergency, etc. They got put onto our team again and we voted for incursion again. Everyone picked the same character once again, and the person who DC from us picked Ambra and began taunting. Now I have other characters that I can play as, but the fact that they left the team just so they could pick Ambra pissed me off. But hey, I just wasn’t fast enough :confused:

TL;DR: To me it seems like the voting for what mode is causing players to DC because they don’t like what mode was chosen. I enjoyed the choice of picking my game, and I would love to have it back. I never cared about queue times for my matches, the weekly fixes seemed to take care of that just fine for me, matchmaking was never really a problem.
Oh and i’m on PS4 (if that matters)

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Believe what you want, but when they switch off skill based matchmaking every single was like that for me. [quote=“mshldm1234, post:31, topic:1539434”]
I’m not going to argue or answer anymore when your counter arguments are just exaggerations of the opposite of what I’m saying.

Go ahead and stick you head in the sand then.

Me neither, but some people did have long queue times that’s why i said it.

He is impossible to discuss with he is hellbend on this being the best thing ever even though there’s a lot of displeasure with this system, maybe spotlight will make it less awfull though.

Just jumping in to remind everyone to talk about the game, not other users.

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20 minute queue times?

I just wanted to voice that I do appreciate the new system. At very high skill matchmaking it has made it faster and more competitive. I’m low guy on my team with a 70% win rate across a couple hundred matches so it’s fair to say we’re at the top of the ELO. I also do prefer to have a lot of close matches. You can’t tell how good you are with a character against bad players.


There were no 20 minute queue times unless you’re playing PC. So far, I have yet to notice a change in matchmaking time since the hot fix. I do notice that the games are move evenly skilled, but as I mentioned before I don’t like every game being close. I do however, despise playing Capture against premades while I’m solo when I want to play Meltdown/Incursion MUCH more.

Why would it be 20 mins? Before for me and incursion it was usually 1-5 mins, tops. And I solo q or with one friend.

Completely agree

You had 20 minute q times on PC? When do you play? I play PST 5:00pm - 9:00pm usually, and it usually took a minute or two to find an incursion game.

I play on XB1 and got no problem in match making before the updates, yea longer queue than avg coop games, but acceptable. Now? Not only I can’t guarantee the scene I wanna play in coop campaign, they go even further by taking away my choices in pvp. Although I’m both a meltdown/incursion player, I may need to pick a specific mode/map from time to time, eg. getting achievements, titles, etc., not to mention farming legendaries but that’s another story.

I worked in the TV industry and now in IT, when we release an update (not bug fix) to collect feedback, we provide additional resources and let users tryout voluntarily, instead of replacing the existing one right away. I believe this is how a testing should be carried out. Btw, match making is one of the core mechanics in coop games, which is supposed to be tested out in beta.

Doing all these when the user base is dropping and falling behind their competitors? Wrong timing, bad decision.

It was blatantly obvious that Incursion would get picked 90% of the time.

I am going to gues that incursion gets picked because it is the “spotlight” and I would assume the skill queues have some crossover.

Let players choose the game mode they want, then matchmake based on skill level (matchmake rank). Queue time is irrelevant because fun games are games you want to play that are balanced and fairly even matches. And you want your players to have fun games so they come back more often.

When I started really getting into PvP I liked Meltdown the most because of how objectively focused it was, but I found there were too many people waaaaaaay too hung up on getting player kills and totally ignoring the main objective (which is to kill/escort freakin’ minions), and that ruined the whole mode for me.

Incursion on the other hand is all about pushing into enemy territory so player kills is more on track with what you are supposed to be doing and if you have any of those players that go way out of their way to kill you, you can just lead them into a sentry and they die. The only downside is the number of surrenders that happen where even when you are winning someone will try to surrender on your team… This is why I have been playing Incursion more, and might be a factor why it has had a surge in popularity for others.

Now if only Capture could be fixed/removed so I don’t have to deal with teams that run around in groups of 3-4 looking for easy kills. I only had one Capture match last night and it ended in about 5 minutes.

Just gonna… Sneak this in here >.>

Neither did I, I’m on xb1. PC had a huge issue with it but the PC player base is smaller than consoles, sooo, yeah.

I like it *3*

(^Only opinion i care to voice =3=)