New maya player, help!

For expert Maya players: aboit to start a Siren from scrathc, and need to know a lot about her. is she stil good without the Bee or Bone of Ancients? i dont have access to Tiny Tina or Hams hunt, will i still be able to get top gear for her and kick btt on op8?

You only really “need” the bee/bone for raid bosses with her.

In TT’s you miss out on some good shields with Blockade and Antagonist but no real key guns she needs. There are good ones however like the swordsplosion.

In Hammerlocks you really only miss out on the twister and rough rider if you like fleet spam.


Thank you! So awesome DPS builds can still kick butt without being handicapped? Based on your experience, is the Siren solo the most damaging character in the game?

No not at all, Sal pretty much wins that for most people but a really good zer0 can be hard to beat as well.

Maya has great mobbing DPS and most story bosses can be taken down really quick with the right set up, but you notice her damage cap compared to some of the others when it comes to raid bosses and a few of the bigger story bosses when you can’t phaselock and loose a lot of your skill points.


Cloud Kill is your friend, your 1 point, face melting, friend.



this has loads of info you may find useful.

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Cloud kill makes thing alot easier. But no she can use a lot of different gear. Derch has a build which my favorite is based off of.

Maya is a beast at any time. Seriously! The only time I use a Bee on Maya is to kill Pete, and that’s only so it doesn’t take all day. Since you’re starting from scratch, don’t worry about Bee/Hawk/Bone at all; just have fun killing things left, right, and centre. But you knew that already…