New Mellka skin :(


I have now realized it was only the preview image in the store that was jank, and now that I can preview in the command area she looks her normal self! Awesome!


I actually had to start my game and look twice to recognize it! ^^ Actually a good sign I think :smile:
But, yeah, I like her original skintone more too.
(I never really pay attention to skintones… When I played BL-1 for 2 years my boyfriend said that its cool to have a darker skinned character as main figure and I was like “Yeah, Mordi rules” and he said “I ment Roland” - first time I even payed attention that he was dark skinned lol )

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The skins seem to have a bot of a Halloween theme to them. Ghalt is Frankensteins monster, others are under of sorts. Mellka appears to be a cyborg of sorts. That might explain her skin tone. She could have a sickly pale skin color. Anyway, I’ll have to go and see for myself. I don’t remember what it looks like exactly.

I just started my game to check and, I’m sorry, but you’re mistaken. The tone of her skin does not change in the slightest. I think what you’re seeing is the contrast difference because her new skin is mostly white clothes and black hair. But yeah, skin colour is exactly the same


Second check - you´re right @shinobido101 ! Its the metal that creates a high contrast, letting her skin appear lighter. I had to adjust my TV to see it.
Its a simple optical illusion and I fell completely for it^^


Here’s a visual, if it helps


Yeah, looks like the same skin tone to me now that I’ve had a chance to look.

Even though OP was saying the opposite I would think it would be cool if her skin tone did change.

If I’m not mistaken Melka is somewhat corrupted by her combination of Eldrid and Technology. This skin could have been that corruption spreading and obviously it would’ve been taking a toll on her health which could have changed her skin tone too.