New Meltdown Map has horrible framerate issues

The new Meltdown map, “Outskirts”, has the same horrible framerate issues that The Sabotuer mission does in the outside sections - only it’s the entire map on Outskirts, inside and out. I got my worst performance all day thanks to being barely able to tell what was going on when it got hectic. :confused:

I have never had any framerate issues on any map. Its as smooth as it gets. Intel here, 8GB RAM, moderate NAT.

Maybe your PC is too weak or you got an AMD?

New meltdown map is super awesome loooking though. Haven’t had any framerate issues on it in the 1 game I played.

My PC has absolutely no issues with any other map in the game; except for Sabotuer (while outside) and Outskirts. Those are the only two maps where I experience any framerate drops, even when the screen is packed full of action on other maps.
And for clarification my graphics card is an NVIDIA and my processor an Intel; nothing in my PC is AMD that I know of.

@Rabid_Explosions - yes yes it does look awesome. I just wish it weren’t so choppy for me D:

Saying that it’s not unplayably choppy - but it’s definitely an actual visual framerate as opposed to the usual “smooth as butter” experience.