New Meltdown Map Outskirts: The Benedict Playground

Could any map design focus on letting Benedict have anymore of a playground?

All the high ledges he can make with his jump, all the little nooks he can camp in (as well as any agile character with a gun) to take out the minions with ease.

Team Benedict up with Thorn and you have a bird santuary of fun for that team. Though I do like the “incursion” size and feel to the map, musicis also awesome but yeah…Benedict players will think its Christmas!

This has nothing to do with Benedict but this is the only thread about this map paosted yet so I didn’t want to make a new one. One of the grinders on both sides, has one of those special turrets (the ones that are a stinger and thumper combined) within sight of the grinder that tends to destroy minions or even mess up the players trying to lead minions in making that side almost useless in games were both sides know what they are doing.

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Yeah I found that turret the hard way lol

OT: monuments map is just as bad. Benedict will rule the roost - pun intended lol

I’m more in love with the new Monuments map but I am liking Outskirts too. I like how a lot of the buildables are tucked away in alcoves or hidden behind pillars to make them harder to snipe. In Paradise a Marquis or Benedict can take out nearly every buildable from the bridge.

Outskirts almost seems a bit too big, but that would really be my only complaint. It’s probably for the best if it is not super easy to switch sides. I like the turret placement, I like all the side passages to allow flanking opportunities. I like the ledges that give you some snipe spots. Overall, I feel like it is a map that has learned a lot of lessons from Paradise and Coldsnap.

Outskirts is a great map for Benedict, this is true.

This whole patch should be called the Benedict Patch. I’m getting the feeling they want him to be a top tier character.

Make both the Meltdown and Incursion maps exactly what a Benedict would want.

Buff his damage, although he has like the highest DPS in the game.

Buff his health, negating his sole weakness to an extent.

Before, if a person took the time to practice with Ben and had a lot of patience…he could wreck shop and occasionally take over a game in the right circumstances. Now, if a person has the patience to practice with Benedict and learn all his tricks he will dominate every game. Leading in damage and hardly dying.

I say all this as a Master of Benedict.