New mobbing build concept -- Really Big Shields Lass

I’ve been playing around with the build concept using a health/shield anointed Recharger and a +5 Phalanx Tactician class mod. I’m still coming up with an optimal weapons set, but the survivability of that shield and class mod combination is insane – easily stacking up 40-50k shields, which is effectively doubled for the purposes of that first shield break.

That said, I wanted to bounce a couple of thoughts off the collective wisdom of the forum:

– Should I be investing in Desperate Measures?

– Should I be investing in Behind the Iron Curtain?

– Divert 8 points out of the red and green trees to pick up MoD?

– Forge or Tenacious Defense?

– What if I went Deathless or at least 3/3 TRL?

I would say yes, it’s 20% extra gun damage. In comparison TD is only 10% more and not always proccing.

Probably not. Especially if the other choice is DM. You won’t find much practical difference using BtIC. If you really want faster recharge, get a bonus stat with it (it’s hardly noticeable).

If you’re running out of grenades, sure. But it looks like your build doesn’t rely on grenades at all so I see no point.

Forge is good for this build because you have no other ammo regen except +1 Redistribution. Also constant firing will make up for missing out on the 30% damage boost you’ll sometimes get. If you think TD will save your life more often than not, then take it.

Your build would be entirely different. Recharger is pointless so you need a different larger shield to be comparable. You will go down in one hit a lot, but if that doesn’t bother you then you might benefit from having more dps.

Agree with @twoPIZZA definitely take DM if you are going into SOR and taking 2 in TRL it’s almost criminal not to.

I don’t think you will notice a big difference using it so it’s up to you but I wouldn’t say it’s a great grab given that you are using a re-charger and already using FCOWA.

That depends if you are trying to gimmick abuse Click. Click. or not. If you are trying to do that then keep Forge. If that doesn’t matter to you then TD synergizes extremely well with a re-charger and I would go for that given you aren’t using a Blast Master so reloading isn’t going to be a negative.

Yeah I agree here.

As already stated, then your entire concept changes. W/o a bloodletter you would need to use a transfomer+self shock damage to keep yourself up. I don’t think it can be a viable solution.

Since you would be using a Phalanx Tactician mod, what’s the plan for healing yourself in this condition? Normal health potions? Life steal anointments?

You know I’m totally abusing the mag cap/ammo reserve gimmick. Wouldn’t put 3/3 into Click Click otherwise.

Doing 3/3 TRL and Deathless would involve using a different shield (Transformer probably?) – the whole idea being to have all of my shields available up front rather than hide half of them behind the Recharger effect.

I was fiddling around with a similar build last night and when I diverted points to get +2 in MoD it felt weaker but the ammo regen was off the chain. But by trading click click for skag den I felt more inclined to use splash weapons to make up for the slight loss and it really started screaming blastmaster mod after I went down that road.
Maybe it was the points I choice to trade but it seemed like a balancing act to add grenade Regen.

I’m still working out which weapons work the best on the build, but the skills/shield/class mod work together pretty well. I easily had 40-60k shields throughout an entire Wotan fight: