New Mod: Omega Fleet

I have been working on my most ambitious mod yet!


atm my mod is about 40% completed and is playable to the point where you CAN win vs the Easy AI
Pictures will be posted as my mod gets further into development

Edit: Pictures!!!


You can post WIPs or some teasers.

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just did ^ ^

Will be changing the Mothership Model to something a little better because the half Torus thing doesn’t look nice

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I think the half-torus has potential. you may need to make some changes here and there to the model, but it will be in the texturing that you can really make your model shine!

You mean 0.4% ready, right?


Yeah the texture work might be as much as 4 times the model work xD


More than that.

What is the story line? Who are this new faction?

Well i was kinda thinking that the story for this new faction would be based around a Splinter Faction within the Hig/Kus faction

Could be a Kiith then.

well kinda… All i can say at this moment is that they are the Omega Fleet

The new and improved Omega Mothership!

If I might, I’d like to give you some pointers to improve your modelling skills.

Don’t just play by shifting the vertices of basic primitives. Don’t start with torus or cylinder, start with a single polygon plane. And don’t just deform shapes to see what happens, know what you want it to look like before you start.

Say you want a shape like your current Omega Mothership. But you drew it first, selected it out of a paper full of shapes and you know this is what you want to model. And then you go to your 3D editor and come up with something like this for instance, which you can have in five minutes:

The point is, the bottom line, you purposely make what you want. Get your ideas on a paper first. Know what you want to create.


^^^^^^^this guy is an invaluable source of advice.

Great work.

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The Omega Fleet was created around the time the newly created Vaygr Armada started its push to find the 3rd Hyperspace Core!

This fleet was created for the soul purpose of collecting advanced Alien Tech, making alliances with other Races and Empires to ensure that the Homeworld would survive, creating a forward base of operations to halt the encroaching vayger armada!

Whats funny here is that is exactly what i was going for i just didn’t get it finished because i have a short attention span

Well, patience and persistance are probably the most important things in large scope projects.


well persistence is my middle name :smiley:

Omega Fleet is now live with new content: 27/Jul/2015: Mining ship model now in game and bombers can now be built!
28/Jul/2015: SuperCapital ship added to game but locked due to it being too OP (left it in as a teaser!)

Upcoming Updates: Better Textures, More ships, A WHOLE game made by me and my BRO called Omega Tactics (Omega Tactics = Homeworld in Unity with custom ship editor and Blender Comparability for custom ships)

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