New Mode: Falling between Multiplayer and Campaign

So I was curious if anyone else posted something like this. Went in the search bar and typed it in all the ways I could, but none were the same.

So get this, it is like a Lobby:

  • Walking around as a Battleborn you selected on possibly Ghalt’s Mobile Base of Operation (Nova and Kleese’s ship in Campaign)

  • See other players walking around in the Base/Ship in 3rd Person (with possible rotatable Camera joystick in 3rd Person to enjoy the characters model while in motion or doing its move etc.) or First Person (to see the Interface they would be seeing in PvP or PvE)

  • Have a “Shooting Range”/“Boxing Arena”/“Horde Zombie-killing esque round mode” so People can see their item’s in real time make a difference. Reason for Shooting Range and Boxing Match with an A.I. or real person is to see Melee characters changes when they equip certain Items, The last mode is to see how long one can survive alone or in a group against so many enemies, like in all those cutscenes with all those enemies surrounding the Battleborn from all sides (but the enemies walk slowly towards them, to allow cooldowns and etc.)

  • Heck with those things mentioned above one can turn them to challenges or just bragging rights (for that specific Battleborn, so if they switched to another character, all stats are new for that battleborn)

  • Finally seeing those other Battleborns and having the option to group up from there and have a leader to back out to go play some PvP or PvE

Thoughts on making this real?

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So you pretty much want a "Tower"esque lobby like Destiny

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Destiny was never the first to make a “Hub” so many other games have done it. Even borderlands with their Main City.

New Note:

Heck instead of buying Packages from Gear Tab have a vendor that looks like an LLC guy to sell them in this “HUB” as well

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I’d love to see this myself. Sounds pretty fun, good way to meet other players in game. Don’t know if they have the development resources to add something this big at this stage, but it’s fun to talk about.

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I never said Destiny was the first to do so. It was only to present an example.

A Penguin can dream, A Penguin can dream, and maybe in the (way way) future it has possibility.

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So why bring up a game to compare it to? Isn’t that how the OW and Bb ended up being compared to the point of complete utter chaos?

I didn’t compare. It was to present an example that was close to what he wanted. I could use PvZ 2 hub/lobby, because again, it’s only an example.

I don’t believe this is necessary. Sounds like it would just create another loading screen between me and playing a match.

Maybe a practice mode / lobby were you can hang with your party, Try out character abilities and switch characters if you go back to base. that’s what i would like.

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I would hate a hub. I hate those so much in games. Rather then just press three buttons, I have to wait for load time, run to shop keep or something, then run to the other end, then run in circles while I wait for whatever. No. If they do that, I’ll be livid. It’s a waste of their resources and time.
Shooting range? Cool. Especially if you can invite friends so you can test combos, damage, etc.
Tower defense mode was mentioned in another thread (search tower defense), such is kinda like the horde mode you mentioned. Imagine Dungeon Defenders, but more focused on your character than the towers.