New Modifier Idea

So Iv been thinking of some fun modifiers for some fun. Tiny Mode. Either the player is tiny, everyone is tiny, or super large bosses are tiny. I would love to see something in the likeness in the game. what about tiny weapons? make things funny/cute in a way.

long as tiny weapons arnt new weapons i be fine with it as too many guns/varients of guns alreadly in game but remove speed demon and big head mode for tiny mode i would enjoy and tiny would work for me if it just shrunk your gun you was holding etc other possible modifier

I’ve always kind of liked how those annointed tinks sometimes go really tiny and are hard to hit. I don’t like how they seem to move as fast (as in metres per second) as when they are big - I think they should move a little slower for proportion’s sake - but I like the extra difficulty it brings, and the fact that it’s so contrary to the usual big=boss=tank mentality.

tiny annoited person…just imagine that and how fast they move…

New modifier idea … No modifiers at all


Screw these modifiers…


from the sound of things, no one wants any modifiers. please remove them gearbox.


I want mayhem 1.0 back…