New Montana is best Montana

The sub-section is lonely and depressing and in need of some sprucing up.

Also, i just wanted to take a moment to thank GBX for giving the big guy some quality of life / early game love. The tweaks to his helix have vastly improved his ability to get out there and make a difference early on and jive better with him being an initiator. He’s in a really good place now


Haven’t played him yet since Beatrix is not only a thing but a thing I can play atm but I am STOKED to see that he got some love and am quite excited to take him out for a spin.

Though Gatling grease still seems quite meh :stuck_out_tongue:

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I still usually default to the left with Pumped Up out of habit because hey who can argue with even MORE health but having said that for a high heat montana build i can definitely see the utility and it actually has worked out pretty well in practicality when i did pick it. Especially combined with Too Big to Fail you can essentially lumberjack smash unload on them and soon as they start moving again, lumberjack smash them again. Useful for taking down those Kelvins who just don’t want to die

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I mean it’s cool that people are checking it out but I don’t think I will be able to pass up the extra health ever. I am a very conservative Montana player and more health seems much more valuable to me than more continuos stuns. Though if your vouching for its ability to keep a kelvin down I am all ears. I have this terrible habit of dashing the moment they activate sub and I am just like “sigh…”

Another thought springs into my head: I have always loved weatherman but really wanted to try the extra dash distance since 50 percent is quite substantual(I actually really wish this helix option was at a different level tbh) but don’t think I could ever even conceive taking it over the 50 percent accuracy boost. Which makes me just a tad sad(but not more sad than happy about the weatherman boost)

Yeah, everybody was taking Weatherman anyways and they just made it even better. I don’t really use LJS as an escape often enough to justify the extra distance. And on the flip side of it if i did take it i have a bad feeling i’d probably over extend myself trying to stun somebody who’s on the edge of my range lol.

With Focused Fire when you get to almost max heat you’re looking at 75 % accuracy during Hailstorm. I don’t have to tell you how ridiculously awesome this is

Yeah the few times where left at one would be helpful doesn’t outweigh the always helpfulness of weatherman imo and I think it’s just impossible not to take weatherman anymore. It just bums me out because the only 2 helixes I really want to pick on dash is ljb(which is the best option at 2 imo) and the dash distance but I can never take it :frowning:

Oh well. I am stoked to check out that 75 percent accuracy though! I always took middle at 5 anyway.

What gear do you run on Monty? My tastes have been changing a bit am thinking about VoZF a blue vest with more health on shield deplete and a shard gen. But I kinda want to put bolas on like every build though lol

I think that he has been nicely improved! Hailstorm always cools down the gun now, which is very nice. I had very few overheating issues, and I don’t think that I had any once I activated his special vest. I can get the big damage reduction much sooner now, and I can now get the super slow too!

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I’m typically a more aggressive Montana player and i rarely have the luxury of a pocket healer so i tend to roll with a zero shard gen, health regen with additional regen for surviving 180 seconds, and VoZF. The on skill use effect lines up pretty well with the duration of hailstorm. If i do have a pocket healer then i’d probably go with a vest like you mentioned