New moze classmod

I have quite a few things I can trade for the new classmod like multiple annointed kybs. Splash dmg increase life steal on ase. Also have emp5 with consecutive hit increase and rakk crit annoint. Also many other class mods with pretty much god rolls. My psn is deluxemenu hmu soon

What stats are you looking for on it? I have two. Both have +5 grenades and 30% grenade damage, one has 31% pistol damage and the other has 54% charge speed. I’m looking for a Rakk Pack class mod and a Rakk anointed Maggie.

The pistol one would be best. I have the classmod ur looking for with SMG dmg and crit on it. Idk if u know but rakks dmg is increased by splash dmg and I have a kybs with splash dmg increase

Oh damn I didn’t know that actually. Is there anything else you need so I can get both of those items? Sounds like a good combo.

I’ll give u both for the mod bro

Just sent you the mod. Thanks a bunch man!

Sweet I’ll be able to send you ur stuff in a hour u added me on psn right? What’s ur psn

Not a problem, take your time. It’s AznSenseisian21, and yep, we’re already friends on PSN.

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