New Moze meta annointment

The nerf to the consecutive hits anointment and boost to the critical damage of the N2M fire rate/crit damage means the new meta anointment for my build is this. It has a significant 125% hidden incendiary bonus with it as well.


I really REALLY like this anoint but I also REALLY REALLY REALLY like using terror ammo regen and terror damage and fire rate. So I’m constantly switching to my face puncher to apply terror. It REALLY sux when u swap weapons u lose ur n2m anoints!!!

If I have to be honest, my Mindsweeper build feels untouched by the Nerf to the only anointment I use. Also, the Nerf to 300/90 while being more noticeable, doesn’t make any difference : plaguebearer, short Fuse, big surplus and the combo with the Guardian angel ( and either fire old God or amp infernal wish) still manages to one-shot all the Hemovorous phases, not even talking the ( now gone ) buffed proving ground bosses. So those are my 2 cents :

For suicide cub builds : consec hits / 150/90 are still the best all around if you don’t use iron bear by any mean

For IB-exit builds : fire rate-crit / ib exit 160 splash ( now being superior to the general splash anoint by 35% and lasting 18 seconds) / n2m element

For iron cub flare builds : 150 gun dmg while IC is active, consec hits, IB weapons anoints

For pure IB : IB weapons anoints, urad, while autobear is active 130% fire dmg

Bloodletter builds : urad feels to me like it’s the only anoint meant to be used with Bloodletter setups due to how the whole playstyle behind the class mod works


The fire rate/crit seems legit for Bloodletter builds too, especially ones that just hop in/out.

Isnt the suicide cub meant for n2m use + Some for the Road?

For me the “suicide” factor is mostly used to trigger a major dmg buff by big surplus… The thing with n2m is loosing the bonus if you swap, and I like to swap a lot! Also, some for the road doesn’t trigger with iron cub suicide iirc

The critical hit portion is nice, but the bonus incendiary damage is more of a drop in the bucket when you factor in how Moze can already have thousands of percentage of fire damage with just two tier-one skills. Consecutive Hits is still good, though I’ve taken to 50% Airborne Damage since it is a 50% multiplier instead of addition. It also gives me the freedom to actually switch weapons on Moze without losing anointment effects or Concecutive Hit stacks.


It does work but requires paying attention.

I find it… interesting how they acknowledge that anointments are unbalanced ro a degree were massive 100% buff/nurf swings are nessecary to change the “meta” I also find it interesting they have chosen to put stock back in the VH spicific anointments and discourage people from using several of the generic weapon anointments. I spend ages getting “next 2 clips” on all 4 of my guns so I had a consistent gameplay loop. I always felt using a range of anointments on different guns lead to one or two of your items being far more powerful unless you had an inventory of “god rolls”.

To be honest while I like the fact that more anointments got buffed then were nurfed but taking in to account that each Vault hunter can get anointment drops that blong to other hunters and loot drops are far from what they were I am still not a fan of the current state of there end game. Re roll machine or not it feels like trying to get an idealic item naturally without bending the rules is almost as difficult as it was in Borderland 2. That is not a good thing in my opinion.

Just as an FYI, some streamers have calculated the farm time required to get perfectly rolled gear in BL3. For a white elephant for example, it would hypothetically take 72 years, 100 days, 4 hours, 26 minutes and 40 seconds with about a 30 second farm time IIRC. Even a conference call in BL3 is orders of magnitude more difficult to get perfect parts on than a BL2 version when you factor in the greater part variety parts, elements, and anointments.

So in actuality, saying the farming is getting close to BL2 is kind of a compliment XD.


Even if we factor in the bonus incendiary damage it’s, outside of some niche uses, not really that good of an anointment. The main issue here is that the bonus damage from FitSD is unaffected by crit damage (unless you have an “always crit” effect e.g. the one from the Lucky 7) so something more universal like gun damage will often times be a better choice.

Im not sure tbh - i genuinely didnt think the salamander IB boost increase would make any difference, but its replaced me using “500% crit nova” on my gun now.
As for the Moze specific anoints, i think if you look closely at them, theres a reason for each one and a particular gun type and skill set for them.
Consecutive hits on shredifier was my main thing, but now im seriously looking at the fire rate and crit dmg increase - it seems a better option.

As for the above - while using a pure fire IB setup i was running across enemies in takedowns who were completely immune to fire damage - so the bonus incendary from the above anoint is good, but its not fantastic - its literally going to make red bar enemies go down slightly faster. Id take the raw crit increase or splash increase above a single elemental booster. Obviously, if theres an enemy thats immune to everything EXCEPT that element i might reconsider!

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