New Moze Player Here! Build Questions

So, i’ve played Zane as a main since launch, and i’ve been toying with a Fl4k build more recently too.

With Zane, i’ve been able to develop a build that just completely melts the game, be it mobbing or bosses, and there’s no real fun in it besides farming now. With Fl4k, it’s a bit tougher as he struggles with mobs, but shreds bosses.

I’m about to start a co-op playthrough with some friends, and i’ve decided to play Moze, and my questions are:

  1. Is there anything I should know about Moze the character’s play mechanics beforehand? As in, Fl4k seems to have a bigger character model, so he gets hit more often, which can be an issue when surrounded in Mayhem 10. (No evidence to back that up, it just seems that way)

  2. Is there a game-breaking build for Moze that I could be working towards? (Doesn’t matter if it’s gear dependent, i’ve spent so much time farming there’s a chance I have it anyway! Haha)

  3. Is there a general concensus on the most efficient way to spend your skill points levelling up?

Thanks heaps!

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fire in the skag den is inbalanced on mayhem 10 and boosted x31
short fuse is boosted x7 afaik
so this route is definitely good for pure damage
and in the green tree, rushin offensive is completely broken as long as you keep running
so you could use atlas weapons and just keep shooting and running and you will most likely never die

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Welcome to Moze’ world. Moze has a bunch of ups and downs when it comes to nerfs, hotfixes, and patches. Right now I would say she’s op but it really depends on your build. I got mediocre builds that do nothing in M10 but the really good ones can melt anything specially if you take advantage of Skag Den and Mayhem scaling.

  1. Moze can’t benefit with ASA skills. Once you exit out Iron Bear, that’s no longer considered an active skill unfortunately.

  2. Exiting and entering Iron Bear can be a daunting task. But it’s good if you just wanna proc anointments and Some for the Road so you can spam your weapon for 5 seconds. Imagine spamming Monarch or Scourge for 5 seconds without using ammo. That’s a good deal.

  3. Moze is one damn slow character. To compensate that you can enable Speed Demon as Mayhem modifier. Alternatively I just beef up my Moze. Why bother running if you can melt anything.

  4. If you want an easy path, follow the meta build. Iron Bear can own any enemy. Meta is mostly focus on the blue tree for Short Fuse. If you want damage, go with Short Fuse.

  5. Don’t spec on the red tree’s capstone. It can work but I consider it more of a sideline build. I’d go with Short Fuse and Forge (if you need ammo regen).

  6. Again follow the meta build first. You can’t go wrong with that. Then branch out. I’d say the meta weapons for Moze are FLIPPER and PLAGUE BEARER. It works on almost any Moze build.

  7. Enjoy the almost unlimited ammo with her. I’ve played the other VHs and I often end up needing more ammo.

  8. A Deathless Moze with a urad weapon, plus Vindicator Ghast call is also strong. Deathless and Red Tree’s capstone don’t work together. Dont even bother mixing it up.

  9. Cloning Maddening Tracker is Moze’s best grenade. I feel though Vindicator Ghast Call is equally at the same level.

  10. Beware of splash damage. Moze is dangerous to everyone, even herself. Accept multiple ffyl due to this.

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Try this thread

If you’re the YouTube type, I suggest Nootmad

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With my Moze I focused on splash damage and ammo regen, rocket pods on iron with auto bear for some extra damage after, went with sapper com for survivability and a stop gap for some extra protection. Worked rather well for me even on mayhem 10


On the other hand if you wanna live dangerously and do even more damage:

  • meta skill tree (variants as well)
  • vindicator ghast call
  • urad weapon (even kyb’s x2 will work)
  • mind sweeper or blastmaster
  • any deathless but Atom Balm is best
  • old god for shield

It melts. I’ve just completed back to back M10 MTD solo with this setup. Kinda comical though


And if you want to try something a little different, I run a sort of “Blight Bear” build.

Get an Ember’s Blaze shield from DLC1. Its incendiary aura effect counts as splash, so I throw everything I can into my build to boost splash and AOE (artifact and COM passives, etc. The Blast Master COM’s bonus boosts it too of course.) Bonuses to incendiary damage is great too.

Hold a 300/90 anointed weapon and it’ll buff up the aura even further (the effect transfers). Unshielded fleshy enemies have no chance if they get near you (even on M10 it can be instagib city for poor skags who get too close), and others will melt rapidly as well. And all this works while you’re inside Iron Bear (the shield’s aura effect stays active while in IB, or any normal vehicle for that matter.)

This build used to not scale well into Mayhem levels but now that Gearbox fixed it so that shield-based damage does scale now, it’s viable.

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I’m assuming from this that you and your friends all starting from scratch at level 1 without Mayhem mode enabled? In that case, anointed gear won’t be a factor when you level up.

The only thing with character models is that Iron Bear’s is pretty big. You’ll find that he won’t be able to pass through certain doors or areas if anything overhead is blocking his path.

Short Fuse to Moze is just like what Megavore is to Fl4k: it’s the centrepiece of her meta. It would still be the meta even without its Mayhem-scaling like it was in the past. It does something like x7 damage at Mayhem 10. Fire in the Skag Den also scales with Mayhem and does x31 damage at Mayhem 10: instead of 3% incendiary damage per level, it’s 93% per level. But if you’re levelling up Moze, then FitSD is not really a potent skill without its Mayhem-scaling besides handling early-level fleshy mobs a little more easily.

There is also the option of going full-on Iron Bear which is arguably the least gear-dependent way to play BL3 as any character and also doesn’t require Short Fuse because it doesn’t work while piloting bear or manning the turret with Dakka Bear. So whether you’re going for Short Fuse or looking to pilot Iron Bear, Demolition Woman is the one skill tree you want to focus on.

I wouldn’t speak for every Moze player by saying it’s a general consensus but logically speaking, the most effective way of spending your skill points when levelling up Moze is on Iron Bear - I wrote a guide on how to do this. If you craft together a total pilot build as you level up, then you don’t need to worry about guns being significantly under the levels, or grenades either as Bear can’t use them unless they’re anointed with 20% chance of dropping while he’s active and taking damage.

Any shields with parts that boost max health will also boost Iron Bear’s max armour capacity, so Mendel’s Multivitamin Shield is a great sidequest reward for Bear early on in the game. Tank Gal and Commander will be your best non-legendary pilot COMs as you level up, or Marksman or Firewalker for more DPS instead of fuel-efficiency. Passive bonuses to look out for are action skill damage, splash damage, max health and action skill cooldown rate. Passive bonuses are the only things from artefacts that work with Bear. The two main ones are AOE damage and max health.

Anything involving Short Fuse and Fire in the Skag Den is insanely powerful, the reason being that Skag Den gets Mayhem scaling for some reason even though it’s already a percentage based bonus.

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I don’t wanna give the FALSE impression here that the only reason Moze is good and strong is because of Fire in the Skag Den and Short Fuse. Those two skills make her even stronger. The Mayhem scaling makes her crazy strong.

But you can build a Moze without those two and still wreck the game. I just completed a solo MTD M10 Takedown with a 1hp Moze with Bloodletter. It wasn’t difficult but it took longer. Kinda reminds me of the M4 days.

My personal take here is after you’ve proven you can beat the game without those two skills, you can use those skills to have fun and break the game even more. But that’s just my opinion.

Edit: No, I’m not using IB for killing. I only use him for Target Softening and proccing anoints here.

Iron Bear can double-jump, in any direction. He also can stomp, if you use melee button.

You are 100% invincible during the 1sec animation of entering/exiting IB. Also, anyone placed on his turret is immune to everything going around.

Build-wise, I would suggest:

  • Transformer shield + Lob shotgun (without any other element anoint, shock only), so you can shoot your feet to heal.
  • Deathless relic + Bloodletter COM (3 points in Desperate Measures)
  • URad anointed Monarch AR and/or Lightshow pistol
  • consider AAS anointment on grenades, so IB can automatically throw some.
  • consider AAS novas anointment on 1 gun, so IB also pulses (:slight_smile:)

Beware “Fire in the skag den” skill. It killed me more times than I would admit.

Try every combination of weapons for IB. Double-gauss is sure fine, but the total havoc of rocket pods + nuclear missile is ridiculously fun, and there are many viable things there that are not mentioned in guides.

The “20% chance to spawn a grenade when IB takes damage” anoint will sometimes break after you get out IB. The way to fix that is to unequip and re-equip the grenade.

For the “nova when enter and exiting IB” anoint, your nova will take on the element damage type and any other characteristics of your shield. The Frozen Heart is particularly powerful with this anoint.

I would argued that the Plaguebearer is the best all around weapon for Moze. High based damage and splash damage; doesn’t require DLC; practically all of the parts are fixed; easy to keep your mag full with Means of Destruction; works with most damage anoints.

AAS novas on gun. This will trigger fire novas constantly while inside IB. It doesn’t deal soooo much damage, but it helps getting rid of close threats.

The best anointment on shield is IMO 30% IB cooldown boost.

A problem made considerably worse if you take the edit Dakka Bear skill in tier 1 of green tree. /edit

I believe the dakka turret is your problem. Not the shield.

Agreed updated

Agreed on both counts.