New Moze’s class mod The Flare.....verdict?

I am probably asking this a tad early but I am curious about the new class mod. On the surface it looks like a great mod for a hybrid iron bear/infantry build.

Does it continue to put out decreasing damage from fuel use while in auto bear?

The advantage of the Rocketeer is I still have a hybrid play style available …but mainly iron bear has become this massive, long duration “Axton Turret” that spews out incredible damage while allowing me to play as infantry and also spew out incredible damage.

It’s like having an armored, heavy weapons recoilless rifle team in direct support…that lasts FOREVER. And is available again the second it runs out.

Going to be hard to give that up.


I like the 50/50 play style I get from it. Hits hard and I hop out at 50% fuel and utilize 160 splash annoit until the very short cool down is ready for more bear action. Paired with the new plus ultra shield it’s awesome and the cool down is very low. It doesn’t seem to continue to boost auto bear though.

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Looks to be the second best of the bunch. The best is probably Amara’s Muse because the effect is pretty strong and it can boost the crap outta illuminated fist, whereas the other two are just meh (Fl4k’s because grenades just aren’t all that good and Zane’s because of some unfortunate little details in how the damage is calculated as well as a poor selection of skills).

I’ll still be using Rocketeer because I like looting while IB kills everything in a 2 mile radius.


Ah, finally a mod to cater to everyone’s favourite playstyle. Hop in, Hop out.


I must be one of the few who enjoy rolling around in the IB rolfstomping everything into submission. I have the cooldown anoint my weapon and it allows me to climb back in to continue the destruction. Rolling with a Ragin’ Bear COM.

I think this Class Mod is redundant…

  1. A Raging Bear already gets you ~50% dmg, ridiculous fuel times, with no decreasing dmg

  2. Bloodletter with +3 DM is 100% dmg for IB too…again, with no decreasing dmg, and also applies to Moze

  3. I don’t know why Cloud of Lead is boosted…you’re not getting less than the 4th shot for free, just slightly more pointless fire damage.

  4. Said this in another post, but did we really need another IB mod? He’s STUPID strong already

  5. SoR tree is lacking for class mods…was kinda hoping they show it some love, but oh well :man_shrugging:t4:


Kind of disappointing that it doesn’t roll with Deadlines – building for fuel regen would have been an interesting challenge.

As others have said, IB is already pretty dank. I won’t say no to another piloting COM, but we didn’t really need it.


Wasn’t that excited about it I prefer running and gunning and mainly use iron bear if overwhelmed, plus I did get a decent sapper with splash damage and damage reduction which I used through entire dlc.

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Considering Blast Master (and a ridiculously handled Green Monster) can make a lot of Bear’s weapons do 100% more splash as is…why?


I dont think its necessarily a bad COM but its just like why? Why did we need yet another IB COM? Like Raging Bear is still more then likely still gonna be the go to for IB builds. Honestly the only use I can see for Flare is just using it to try and one shot bosses with IB. I won’t be farming it, thats for sure. Also like that other person said, SoR has literally one COM but we get another IB com.

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As I’m sure you know 100% splash doesn’t mean the same thing as 100% damage in the formula. It’s definitely the best bossing com it outdamages others quite a bit. But I don’t think we needed it either.


Ha…and I’ve always been the first one to bitch about constantly hopping in and out. But that was “anoint popping”…not my favorite at all. Rocketeer is more like playing “Axton style”…at least to me.

Only this turret just kills the crap out of everything vice Axton’s mainly tickling the enemy.

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Gonna be honest, I assumed it was 100% more action skill damage which would diminish with Mayhem Scaling because…that’s generally how badly worded this stuff is. Lol


Does the Com apply damage while in Auto Bear mode?

Here, @johnrr6

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I’m not sure I like this. Iron Bear already had decent coms and was not having too much trouble bossing (not counting the new bosses).

I would rather have seen the devs’ take on a legendary version of one of the green/red coms or Firewalker.

I’m gonna spare these boards from my negativity for once and just leave it as: i think it’s a missed oppertunity.


I mostly play an IB-centric build, but one where I can stay in IB as little or as much as I want.

I use RB, BT, and BM Coms as the mood takes me and could also swap to Rocketeer if I wanted. The new COM doesn’t open a whole new playstyle but it does make bossing while in IB a bit better.

So it’s not a bad COM, but IMO the addition it makes to available Moze playstyles is marginal.

It’s not anything I’m going to be farming for to get good stats on and I love using IB. I would’ve liked to see a red tree com myself, I’m not a big fan of the 1hp set up but I’d like to see that tree get some love in general. Maybe flare will somehow work the the new skill tree that’s yet to be revealed?
Side note, give me a com that makes selfless vengeance worth while? Because admittedly when going up the red tree for IB hard points I often take sv just because I like the idea of the skill even if it’s not very good