New Moze’s class mod The Flare.....verdict?

The new skill tree has its own action skill, so I doubt it. They showed a tiny preview yesterday and it is a tiny Iron Bear that fights alongside Moze. It can walk around, like Fl4k’s pets. No idea about its weapons and whether it even has a fuel meter.

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If the rumours about the new action skill are true then it could well buff that tree in a nice way.

There was present for Deathless builds this DLC. Ironically it was a shield. The Plus Ultra can really stack health which almost allows Moze to break 1m SHP.

In the glimpse they showed, IB’s fuel bar came up when the ability activated – so it is totally possible that the Flare will apply to both you and IB. They’ve also said that one of their goals of the new skill tree is to give Moze access to ASA anoints.

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So something like the Flare plus Urad plus 150 ASA grenades could make the Cloning Maddening Tracker pretty fantastic. Good thing I picked one up this afternoon…

The thing I have been waiting for is 150 ASA grenades + CMT/Hex + Mind Sweeper.


I saw Joltzdude playing Flare Bear and it was crazy. Rock em sock em play style was hilarious and looked so satisfying. Wrecking Brick with fists.

Is it true the 100% bonus is MULTIPLICATIVE? If yes, won’t that mean GOOD?

I believe so. You post insane damage numbers with it.

Who posted it? Certainly not me :slight_smile:

Sorry, that was the indefinite “you” — as in, the Flare enables everyone to hit 8 figure damage numbers.

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I think you can back off the Joltz’s deathless build, make a more 50/50 hybrid.

Use the Flare and Ultra and Pearl

And get to Short Fuse…decent healing.

With Dakka Bear…

And you wind up with the ultimate “kitchen sink” Build.

You give up a shade of iron bear damage but the extra damage isn’t needed anyway and your Infantry Moze can be a KILLER!

Working on it…

Posted that sort of hybrid build myself a few days ago:

Taking Dakka sounds good on paper, but why use it on a hybrid build – don’t you want to be on foot, dishing out the pain?


Dakka bear adds 50% IB damage. It works in both Iron Bear and Auto Bear. It’s also applied twice according to the damage formula.

Does the bonus gets added when MANNED or it does not matter?

Only when manned. You can equip a unforgiven before entering the turret, it will get the crit bonus. You can go even further and have urad unforgiven on a low hp setup and it gets both the crit bonus and the urad annointment.

I know sitting in Dakka gives bonus damage, but the point of a hybrid build is the running and gunning when you’re out of IB.

If the damage is only applied when manned then how does it add damage while you are still piloting IB?

Dakka bear is meant to be a coop skill, so if your coop partner hops into the turret while you pilot, you get the bonus. Or you use rocketeer and let auto bear do the work.

Amazing run, seems like the old days of Mayhem 4 jumping at half fuel to manage cooldown.
Have you tried other combinations, like dual cryo Miniguns or dual Rocket Pods?