New Multiplayer Option

An option to ban Heavy Cruisers and Battlecruisers from being built would be nice to see. Just for versatility in game types.

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Or just… Balancing Destroyers and BCs. They’re part of the game and that’d be a weird option to have. Can’t just fill the lobby setup with 50 options.

Oh, and there’s the “Carriers only” game mode.


Man, disabling BCs from being built does wonders to the gameplay. So far, it’s all kind of about the Battlecruisers. They murder Destroyers and each other.
But when you remove the option to build them, you’ll se wonders. The Frigates aren’t suddenly underpowered, the Destroyers live for long enough and all the units are suddenly balanced in such environment as by magic.
My mod had the option to restrict BCs and that gameplay is surprisingly very interesting.

Like I said, they’re simply OP.

I have a rebalance mod coming out soon, though.

Today i played a match in “subjulgate your friends”, 2vs2 pretty small map, so i went for corvettes i were doing fine the other 2 guys were going for figthers and defenders, but they over builded me, and when i looked to see wtf my allie is doing, he is doing a shipyard, the freaking noob went straight for battlecruiser and left me fighting alone, and guess what even though i got destroyed and died in a 2v1, with absolutely no help of my newb allie building a BC in a small map, he managed to kill the other 2 guys who got me, even though he was a terrible player, just because i held them long enough to he build his beloved BC, 2 of them btw, cuz that thing builds up too damm fast when the shipyard is set.
Battlecruisers are that ■■■■■■■■.

BTW - I love your idea, cruisers are totally unecessary on this game, requires no skill, no teamplay, nothing, you just need to build them and GG

That is the fault of the opposing team. If someone is rushing BC’s just keep bombing the capital ship module when it appears, they gave him no offensive pressure and left him alone, their mistake.

I do feel you though, there is nothing worse than getting left alone by your useless teammate.

Well there’s already the carrier only option that disables shipyards as well. Although I guess it also disables destroyers from being built so not exactly what you are looking for. Still a very interesting idea. I know supcom for example you were able to restrict certain units completely.

Hmm there is the problem that HW1 races can only build a single destroyer ever (can build a missile destroyer at the same time but they’re not as good) while HW2 races can build at least 3 or more at a time depending on the unit cap.

BCs are only the masters of the field to those who let them be. Either because their weaknesses are not understood by the opposing player or in the worst case because the opposing player is just too lazy to respond properly. The Hig BC becomes little more than large chunk of hit points once your ships have targeted it’s turrets and destroyed them. Can’t do that to the Vayg BC’s cannon but it’s even simpler there. Destroy it’s engines. Then if you are putting ships in front of it, that becomes your fault.

BCs simply require that either you match brute force for brute force via your own BC, or that you adapt and use any of the half-dozen tactics available to all four races to counteract and shut down BC effectiveness.

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