New & need friends!

Hey y’all, I need to add people to play online with! Help! :slight_smile:

What console do you play on? I play on Xbox one. If you want to add me, feel free. I may be able to power level you on Borderlands 2 (NOT pre sequel) My GT is RadiatedDirp18

Sorry, I didn’t even realize I didn’t put Xbox One lol. I don’t do all the hip lingo and stuff, I just play ¯_(ツ)_/¯ my GT is lynnnyjo. 3 n’s lol.

OK, I will add you tonight (maybe in an hour and a half or so), I will most likely be on around 8:00 if I can. Again, my GT is RadiatedDirp18. Ill power level you as much as I can :slight_smile: