New OP's = Pubstompers Untouchable!

First off this is more of a wake up call to the devs, so please read devs!!!

Disclaimer: I have played this game for over 1000 hours of the PC version and have friends in it who understand the game well too who I’ve talked to and agree 100% with what I’m about to say as I’ve talked balancing with them
ex: Ghost, one of the best sniper mains about Beatrix nerfs

So ever since the last update all the pub stompers have been killing everyone on the PC w/ the newly made OP characters, Beatrix and Orendi.

Beatrix: she is the meta anyone who can stop healing and silence from anywhere and dish out a high DPS is what teams that just want to win play now. As you see in the last tournament where she was the first pick in the 2 games I played of it, and gets banned in solo queue a lot too from how OP + annoying she is.

2 skills Beatrix has that take next to no skill and significantly counters

Basically Beatrix can stop healers from saving teammates since Beatrix has insane 3 and 5 second wounds and 8 sec wound ult. More importantly she makes healing not fun for a lot of people including myself since I can’t heal my team and can only watch them die as I tickle them with a green beam of light.

Solution? Nerf HP :smiley:, alright seriously though 1 sec wounds un-scoped, 2 sec wounds scoped - on par with ISIC’s 1.5 sec wounds at lvl 5 so that Beatrix can effectively wound 1 person she focuses but can’t wound the whole team.

Wounds (Healing + Life Steal):
Any Healer: especially Miko + Alani
Attikus (double whammy)

Beatrix can aimbot stun you from anywhere if you’re in her line of sight. so you are at the mercy of the enemy Beatrix, meaning if she’s good then her silence with her wounds added onto it especially can easily cause you to die and you nor your healer can do a thing about it if you rely on escape mechanisms like El Dragon and Phoebe especially who need to get into the enemies faces to do some damage and use their escape mechanisms to get out.

Solution: Reduce silence duration: 1-1.5 seconds with aimbot, or 2 seconds if they take the aimbot off the skill. 3 seconds it too much since she can do it at long range as you only see it in melee characters for 3 seconds, similar to why KU had his stuns nerfed to 1 second from 2.

Silence (Escape Mechanisms + Ults):
El Dragon
Kid Ultra

Orendi: Go right at lvl 5 and left at lvl 6 and spam your instant pillar with no damage reduction and your ult and enjoy, nuff said


Sup Poncho! Reyna shuts down Bea once she is lv 6 (yea, she has to dig deep and find a way to level up asap) or basically counter pick the enemy Beatrix team so your way toward Beatrix won’t be so hard so you can give her the ol boot. Yea I know I’m making it sound easy and I do agree she is hell of annoying (so is Orendi w/ legendaries) but Reyna really does put a lid on her at lv 6. Add lockdown to the equation and she won’t be going anywhere. Phoebe is a good counter for both Orendi and Beatrix as well with some team help.

Edit: oh yea KU is a good pick vs Bea too w/ those drone AOE heals if picking Reyna isn’t a solution for you

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Honestly, any backline team healer like KU or Ambra is still a good pick into Beatrix. She can mess with single-target healers like Alani or Miko, but even then, I’ve had 80k healing games on Alani against Beatrix by just communicating with my tanks to back off and then just watching their FX for the wound to expire. Reyna is only a good pick into her because the OS isn’t harmed by wound, but it is worth noting that the heal fires before the cleanse, so her heals are still neutered by Beatrix. Also, I don’t believe her cleanse wipes Beatrix’s ult. I certainly wouldn’t list her as a counter or say she shuts down Beatrix, since there isn’t anything in her kid that neuters a part of Beatrix’s.

I do agree that her wound duration needs to be lowered to something like 1s/3s for unscoped/scoped though, since it’s pretty easy to spread around.


Guessing you already tried it this? I always saw the wound cleansed and then healed the full amount. Regarding her ult though, it has a wound attached to it so it does halve all healing… even Reyna’s but the DOT eats away the overshield instead of the HP bar… The only thing that gets cleansed during Bea’s ult is her lv 10 Stun “skull” mark.

I had a game yesterday as reyna, and while I wasn’t formally testing, I did notice that firing my Q post level 6 on teammates that were wounded healed less than I expected. Could have been placebo, but I’m fairly certain of it.

Yea you are right… Reyna’s Cleanse shoots after the heal so it gets halved. Whyyy Reynaa… Whyyyyy… :frowning:

haha yeah, I was wondering what u were taking about xD

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I was really confused how Oscar Mike Versus the Battleschool and Montana and the Demon Bear equalled Pubstompers Untouchable! but this makes more sense. Orendi is a power house right now, I will admit. Just nerf some part of her sensibly and leave her. No one complains about Ambra anymore and that was a slight fix


I always thought positive and thought it healed 100% because it’s a cleanse! Reyna… I thought you were coming back and making things look good…

Don’t nerf Orendi!

Just revert her back to her previous Helix and BRING BACK HER BOUNCE!

lel at thinking Beatrix is OP, if I’m Melee and I get in her face she’s done same with Marqius

JUST REMEMBER if a character is OP it means you don’t even stand a chance

bounce is gone?

It’s like having a smile surgically removed…

Sadly, it’s gone. =(

wat was it ._.

Not at all m8 healers are annoying and devs should focus on spreading wound to other characters

Oh man, it was AWESOME.

Ok, so when you took Let’s Bounce as a Helix option it said “Nullify propels Orendi in the direction she’s moving.”

So now you could jump and then Nullify, taking off like a tiny, crazy witch rocket! Or you could strafe and Nullify, SUPER STRAFE! Or you could start falling, look down, Nullify, and shoot down to the ground, BLAM-O! Or Nullify while just running, turboooooooooooooo, yeah, Yeah, YEAH, HA HA HA HAHAHA! NULLIFY! WHY AREN’T YOU ON FIRE RIGHT NOW!


But now, you can’t go up, you can’t go down, and doing any of the horizontal stuff requires super careful mouse handling. Basically what was fun and simple is now either impossible, since vertical movement is gone with the change, or much more difficult and 1337xor, since only us n00bz need crutches apparently. =(

PvP ruins everything great eventually. All sacrificed at the altar of the almighty META. I bet Minrec is super jelly.

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oh yea lol why did they get rid of it?

Devs seem to be getting rid of things that weren’t OP ;(