New Overgrowth Map Change I Have A Problem With

The new Overgrowth map changes on the sniper position kind of bugs me. I had someone play as ghalt and head glitch on the new jumping block/ platform and he would just use his shotgun to get a huge amount of damage on me. And my projectiles would hit the ledge and would miss if I aimed higher. He was hidden enough so my teammates couldn’t see him and he was just able to jump on top if he killed me, set up, and then he would get his team up there and with Isic’s Omega Strike and miko up there too,it was impossible to do anything. I mean yes, I could do the same thing with my team, but it still is like a cheese. It puts the enemy team at a severe disadvantage when the enemy is in their base and they only have a little window to hit the enemy, before they walk sideways, get healed, and come right back out. And we couldn’t get behind them because Isic would focus us, or ghalt would shoot us. It was really stupid and I was playing with a team that normally has a high win streak. But this game we just surrendered because the team we had, had no possible way of inflicting enough damage to override the healing from mino. Atleast if the staircase was in the same position as before you could have a chance of retreating or put a wall between you and him. I just think the jump spot should be removed. Maybe im just salty, but I would like to hear your opinions.

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Nah mate I think alot of people are with you. The turret isnt enough when turrets can be solod with ease. I have no idea why they put the stepping stone there. People didnt have an issue with the sniper nest, it was the vision to the sentry.

GBX are worrying with their tuning. Its like, they tried nerfing Galilea once, failed and now go overboard with their nerfing. Ambra id a prime example. Her range was already pitiful, at the mercy of their beam mechanics but then nerf her damage into the ground so she has no role but support (which in comparison is thr worst performer from the 5 supports available).

Overgrowths rework is the same priniciple. Instead of just putting a wall in, they decide to add a back(front?) Door into the base.

Seconded. Without that extra platform, long range squishies could perform their role well. Speaking from my own experience, I use WF up on that ledge to rain down stickies and support fire. Now that every Battleborn and his dog can get jump straight up in your face, that tactical position is borderline worthless. One game, we turned around for a second and next thing the enemy Marquis and two of his buddies had jumped up and were wrecking our sentry. The wall is a great addition to stop cheesing, but that platform needs to go asap

Yeah, that stepping stone has made that spot really awkward for snipers. I never had an issue of simple running around the corner and up the stairs to fight the sniper.

As stated by others, it was simply the line of sight to the sentry that was the issue. That ‘sniper perch’ is now basically just home to bruisers like Gali. No one wants to fight her there. In fact, that perch is now just another spot for people to easily harass the sentry with out the sentry being able to do anything about it.

If the enemy is using the stairs to get in your face then your team isn’t doing their job holding the mid.

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