New patch causes major crashing

Some of these crashes appear to be due to some… issue with maps (randomly). There will just be a point that you can’t approach without it hanging. If you’re experiencing this, can you confirm that the game quits to a bug report message? I’ve had this in a couple of places, and the failure mode was the same.

Another failure mode is that the game will just freeze (no error message), and you have to close it the hard way. I mean, I’m sure there are more than this, but these seem to be the two being brought up here.

I’ve been having these crashing issues as well. I was playing the Handsome Jackpot DLC, crashing every 45 mins to an hour. 2-3 of us playing in CO-OP. We were selling often to keep the number of items on the ground to a minimum. Playing on Mayhem 4, system specs as follows

1070 Nvdidia driver version 445.75 updated on 3/23, latest version)
16GB 3200Mhz ram
Windows 10 pro fully up to date
Nothing is overclocked
Epic version of BL3
Downloaded and installed the DLC last night, have accepted the first mission, but not started playing it. I’ve played this game since launch, don’t recall ever having a crash.

Had 4 crashes within about 3 hours this evening. Can and will provide any other information needed to help solve the issue.

I put the game down for a couple of weeks due to some optimization issue in menus and other reasons. Decided to play again because I heard there was a massive patch that fixed the game more. Soon as it updated I launched it 5 times, every single time though it crashes immediately. Not as random or inconsistent as OP. Hoping for some form of fix.

So I copied my save files from Steam back to Epic and played a few sessions. It seemed like it was free from crashes, but it finally crashed after killing Borman Nates about 12 times. I probably had about 2 hours in the last session.

So both Epic and Steam versions are bugged for me.

I upgraded my AMD chipset driver and Nvidia GPU driver. The Epic version still crashes. I didn’t bother trying the Steam version again. No response from 2K Support yet.

playing solo on PC game is crashing about once an hour…

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yup, having the same issues.

Just today, I played for about 2 hours in the afternoon, just logged in about 3 hours later, and every time I would load my main Amara, the game would crash. And I have been having trouble the last couple of days.

Got it sorted by just restarting my pc and such, but still, I probably got more crashed since the last update than I ever had before.

Thank god my main amara is alright, thought the file would get corrupted for sure.

I am in the Dustbound Archives and I can’t clear 1 room without crashing. Or just looking at my inventory.

I completely removed and reinstalled the Steam version. It crashed within a few minutes in Maliwan Takedown.

…and you’ve made a backup of your save folder… right???

I mostly do yes, but it had been a couple of days since I had made one, but everything is ok, nothing corrupted.

I’m used to making backups, with the whole bank dissappearing debacle we had in the 1st couple of months. At one point I was overdoing it too lol, had like 4 folders for backups, now I still have two, and alternate between them each time.

Goes to make backup now

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2K Support finally responded to my ticket a week later. As expected it was a canned response about verifying files and reinstallation, all of which I stated that I did in previous messages. However, I remained polite in my reply and summarized what I had tried and experienced up to that point and added some new info.

So I played many hours on April 1st and 2nd as Zane and didn’t have a single crash, even running multiple runs in MTD on M4 in scaled mode. Then today I tried Amara again on MTD M4 in True Takedown mode. It crashed again within a few minutes while fighting ratch in the first area. Crashing at this point is pretty much guaranteed since there is a lot of enemies and loot on screen (seemingly the cause of the crashing on my Amara).

At this point I think there is something wrong with my Amara. It could be one of several things:

  • A certain combination of Amara’s skills and weapons is causing the crash.
  • Something related to the patch on 3/26 has corrupted my Amara save file.
  • My Amara was corrupted before the patch, but it didn’t cause crashing until after the patch.

The only difference between my Amara and Zane characters is that Amara has been through DLC1 and part of DLC2, but Zane has not been in either DLC yet.

Fortunately I have nearly three months worth of backups of my PC, so I’m going to try some things.

  • Bring an older Amara save file up to the new level cap and see if it crashes.
  • Start a new Amara and bring her up to max level, and use the same weapons and skills as the current Amara to see if it crashes.
  • Start DLC2 on Zane and see if that is a trigger for corrupting a save file.

In the interest of helping Gearbox fix these issues, I have some questions for the community:

  • Those of you who are having crash issues, what steps have you tried to fix it?
  • Have you tried a different character?
  • Other than the well-known Rakk Attack issue, do you have any particular pattern that causes your crashes?

This may help those running FL4K:

You can check which version of the hotfix you have by looking at the ‘News’ panel in the main game menu - the second slide in the rotation should be the date of the currently applied hotfix.

Phasezerker Amara by any chance? And what class mod?

I mostly use a Phasezerker w/ Phaseslam, but is has also crashed with a Spiritual Driver and Phasecast.

I also switch around my weapons and skill element depending on what I’m fighting, so it would be hard to nail down a particular combination that causes the crash.

OK - was just curious. I’ve seen a few folks mention crashing with Amara, but it’s quite rare that anyone mentions details that would allow a potential cause to get nailed down. If it was something in a skill or class mod similar to the Rakk one, it might be addressable by hotfix.

It’s just hard to pinpoint. There are so many potential factors, and testing this stuff on console especially is a chore because of the initial game load followed by level loads (I realize this is the PC section, but it might be the same underlying issue) .

Since it’s being reported across all platforms, this is the only thing I’m actually sure of!

PC, EGS, Amara, no DLC: a lot of crashes (8 since 27th of March and I play not so much because of crashes). Crashes occurs in different situations: mobbing, bossing, exploring. Last one was with Phasezerker + Phasecast during Agonizer farm.

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