New Patch change to lore challenge Bug

Before the recent patch I had 4/5 completion on the Oscar Mike lore challenge “From yer best bud”. The recent change to Oscar Mike’s lore challenge “From yer best bud” from 5 games played to 3 resulted in me completing the overall challenge “Brotherhood of the Mikes” as Montana in my first game played post patch. I did not and after playing Oscar Mike again post patch have not received the Tactical Accelerator. Is there any way to get one now? I would feel pretty cheated if an attempt to make the challenge easier deprived me of its reward.

im the same way, with the Shane characters challenge to kill 500 enemies with the cloaking ability reduced to 100 i felt cheated when i didn’t get the her legend gear too…

Considering the number of complaints, this may be addressed in a future hotfix.