New patch for aliens: colonial marines

when you add new patch?
i want to see some destroyable environment when you shoot around enemies and better a.i…
also multiplayer was crude and poorly implemented

There will never be a new patch. “Support” for this game ended a long time ago. :unamused:

everyone keep the pressure on, must push for new patch

someone may get interested with new patch and purchase the game

The patches they did do never fixed major issues, like clipping, hit detection, basic aiming. SEGA and Gearbox have been wrapped up in lawsuits of false advertising and embezzlement. the game was shredded critically. And this forum has about a bakers dozen who have posted since the move to this forum (and only about 5 of those are still active).

Its safe to say, there will be no patch, there will be no support. No DLC. No fan appreciation day. No shift codes (which would bring the shift code count to 2? Maybe 3?). No swag. No “ask the developers”. No “play with gearbox”.

This is as good as it gets

I disagree, there’s a huge community on steam with regular weekly events using the friend invite system. There’s atleast 3 very active groups with 1000’s of members in particular this one

Ive seen members joining daily sometimes. If anything there’s more than ever growing interest in ACM due to the fact people are waking up to it not being a horrible game now with the huge update Gearbox pushed out sometime ago. People are coming back to it to see if its improved and being pleasantly surprised then discovering bughunt which is where the actions at. If this level of interest keeps growing i dont see why there couldn’t be some new patch’s and perhaps a ‘Redux’ of ACM as a major patch of sorts.

If it added things like DX11 i’d sure rebuy it.

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The thing is, it’s up to SEGA if anything can happen with A:CM.

They own the IP, and they make all final decisions on what happens with it. And, after it’s release, it seems SEGA just want to sweep A:CM under the rug and act like it didn’t happen.
Shifting all Alien focus to Alien: Isolation.

The chance for future updates and fixes for A:CM coming from Gearbox are very, very slim to none.
I’m not saying it won’t happen. Just pointing out that GBX simply can’t decide they are going to make changes to a game they don’t own.