New Patch made Guardian Rank Freeze(Solved)

A part of the patch that was not included in the patch notes was some form of a Guardian Rank Cap. But what if someone (loads of someones lol) have already had gone past the devs “Cap” they have set (secretly) ? What happens is this : the game has no idea what to do with the data any time there is an addition to the already full bar. It freezes for 20-45 seconds before the game finally skips the event.

Many that I know play this game has already hit Guardian Ranks of above 1000. Myself as well. If the devs set a cap on something, they should plan to resolve anything that the cap would conflict with so their algorithm can continue without having a heart-attack.

Currently unplayable because of this issue. Even with a new character made. Since you can not Enable/Disable the Guardian Rank like in BL2, the new characters benefit from it.


Right, I have seen these posts but no one has any idea the processes that causes the pause/freeze of the game. The process I have explained can help better then these previous posts. And more posts of the same thing will get more attention then the highest one of Dad bods…

Max is 1000

I looked in and out and all around the Patch notes. Nothing at all mentions any change to this. I figured it was set through the patch to 1000. I am over 1200

I was rank 200 but had this XP issue where - after leaving a friends game - my XP was being gained stupidly fast. My Guardian Rank is only 375 (only Ha!) so nowhere near 1000

OMG I just logged in to check and my rank is 1,016 - WTF?

Also just noticed a notification an update is available - updating now.

let us know if update resolves issues…THANKS!

Thought it had as an NPC died with no hang but I thin it was fire damage and not an actual shot. Still hanging for me. Just verifying content to make sure it pulls down the update.

[EDIT] Nah, same issue.

Just to throw this out there, this issue also happens on a level 1 Character.

You mean on a new character but same profile with the Guardian Ranks still in effect?

y eh same here, i tried a new char playthrough and on my very first kill…FREEZE. Something is horribly busted.

Yeah, like I said, game is unplayable in this state. So many people past Guardian Rank 1000 that it is a huge issue. And since the Devs made it so we can not toggle the Guardian Ranks to not be counted like in BL2 and the other one we don’t speak of, this Guardian Rank pause/freeze is stopping our fun in its tracks.

You would think if you were a Dev of a Triple A Title like this, and so many of the player base is now not able to play because of a bad patch, you would pull the patch to previous version and fix before deployment.

At this point I can’t even play borderlands because of this over exceeded rank

Yup, fully unplayable for a lot of BL3’s player base. They will have a stroke when they wake up in the morning to see how little of data they had over night. Or if they don’t even look at stats until Monday morning, man that is a lot of players that would be out of a game on a weekend. They just need to roll back the hotfix until it does not affect the players this bad.

Yes mate, same profile.

The game is dead to me for now, just spent some time sorting weapons but killing and actually using them is impossible.

Oh kinda relieved to know that I’m not the only one. Im rank 1200 because… well the game decided to give me 500 guardian ranks for no reason. So everytime I shoot an enemy or critical hit him my game just crashes lol

Im stuck at 936 with the same issue, so I dont think the cap is 1000. The game freezes for 20-30 seconds every time I get experience.

I cant tell if it freezing every time i get XP or a kill…it def happens on a kill though. Just checked again and yep still broken…30-40 sec freeze on every single kill. Guardian rank is 1148 somehow. I sent a support ticket to 2k Support and they told me to " Clear my cache " etc…laughable.

Here’s a link to submit an issue. Maybe if enough of us do it they will pay attn…

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2K Support also gave me the splurge on cache etc… its been escalated to EPIC.

It’s definitely kill as I had one NPC die from fire damage and it didn’t hang.

Uploaded video example etc… will let you know what the outcome is.

Interesting mine will freeze when I get xp from mission progression as well as kills. for example talking to someone to get the next mission step with no enemies around. whenever it comes back there is always +exp at the bottom.

Is there any way to disable, remove, completely eliminate the Guardian Rank or any of your characters associated with it through our files? Im talking a total wipe of the game etc…im willing to start all over if we can do that but it seems that’s impossible as the Guardian Rank is un f*ing killable which literally means there is no recourse for us. We could uninstall the game, buy an entirely new PC and we’d STILL be fed.

Is there any recourse?