New patch - old bug

When the game was released it never resumed properly when left in supended mode, but crashed to the dashboard. A number of patches later the problem was solved. Now it´s back.

How long are you leaving it? I left mine for maybe an hour tops and it didn’t crash. I did have a bunch of video glitches after that, though. The second time I left it suspended, I first quit out of the active session to the main menu and left it there - that went much more smoothly. Fortunately, you respawn at the last save point when you resume.

I’ve noticed this as well. When I resumed the other day after about an hour maybe two I was getting horrible drops and barely any anointed on slaughtershaft.

I had to clear my cache and reboot to fix the issue. Pretty annoying.

Game was suspended for the night. But I was not in a session, I did quit to the main menu, a habit I have picked up after the initial bug.
The game did load my last location, there was sound, so I can tell that I could summon up the menu, but the screen was black. After around one minute the game crashed to the dashboard.
Quitting to Menu does help, unfortunately now I can´t have a savepoint in Maliwan Takedown.