New Patch Today

Anyone know what it fixed?

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Was it for the original or remaster/enhanced version of the game?

I’m not seeing any mention of a patch and I’m not getting cued up for one on the original version. If it’s the old game, it might be the patch that came along with the enhanced version that let you export saves to the remaster.

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It’s for the Game of the Year edition on PS4.

Not seeing anything pending on XB1 atm…

dont get your hopes up…
ps4 pro: still a broken game.
v-sync and audio isssues not fixed.

they really should retract this game on consoles, and then fix it. It is the worst possible advertisement for BL3.

Just downloaded the patch (1.04) on PS4, just says bug fixes. Any more details on this?

I did too, didn’t have time to fire it up though, other commitments.
It weighed in at about 128 meg, which (to me) indicates that it was primarily a code patch (someone on PC could probably take a better look when it shows up there) since 4k graphics tend to bloat things up quite a bit.
But 128 mbyte certainly could be a lot of tweaks. Wonder if they shut down the always open Gift Shop and made it farmable instead.

So far, it appears to be a PS4 only patch - still nothing on XB1 that I’ve seen, and all the reports above are PS4 unless I’ve missed something?

Thia is annoying.

But I’ll just keep on forcibly deleteing it from downloads, and disconnecting until we get some insight as to what we’re downloading

The lack of transparency is not a good look.