New patch = unfun

sorry for my english

I go back for the new patch, after 8 hours of farm for Fl4k new class mod, i take it only 2 times … 8 hours !

I see the droprate is too low, and search a perfect item is just crazy, alot numerous hasard.

Its the same way of Anthem, they nerfed the droprate again and again, and where the fun disappear noone come to play = dead game.

Streamers, alot of time, have the perfect items, and show how its fun to play … ok they glitch more and more for that but the game is just not funny with low droprate.

You must balance, time / reward, for someone want to play some builds. For moment, its just not fun.

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Yeah a few people are suffering with this. If you try the trading area you could make a specific request…

People are really helpful. Especially new forum users who are being polite…

I can help on PSN…

Otherwise try your specific platform in the trading areas…


There are many ways to trade on the net. You need to perform “diversified transactions” and good things will happen