New PC player (XBOX veteran) looking for peeps who enjoy random shenanigans


I am a relatively new PC player that finally got a nice computer that can run BL2 and not implode/melt. However, since most of my friends have moved on from the game/reside on XBOX, I was hoping to meet some new faces to help ease my way into the Steam community…because honestly I am a bit anxious.

I have a level 50 Siren that I power leveled in few days as well as a level 9 Krieg that I am currently working up to that and beyond (I enjoy Krieg substantially more).

Steam name is Goose of Steel. I am in college, albeit a senior, second semester, so I have a lot of free time in the evenings. Feel free to send me a PM if you are interested.

Enjoy the treks through, over, and around Pandora, and hope to meet some new faces!

People have been building a list here, perhaps you’ll find it some use? Just add your details if you’re comfortable with them being there.

Alright, I will look into that. Thank you for pointing me in that direction!

No problem, best of luck.