New People On Advanced Heliophage: I'm Not Doing This With You x.x

Ok, so I don’t mean ALL new people, I mean new people that do VERY specific things i’ll explain in a second cause this has happend TWICE to me today and I rage quit for the FIRST TIME EVER in battleborn with over 550 hours of gameplay today because of this, and I mean that, no matter what I had never rage quit a multiplayer game, pvp or pve before this.

First time it happened today it wasn’t Too bad, had a lvl 30 a lvl 18, and a lvl 87, and me a lvl 100, and we did it only losing one life (because of the new guy that did the thing i’ll explain)
But here’s what happened, idr the team composition too much, but i was Thorn and the guy that did this was Isic, and while we were heading towards the 2nd crystal he got it in his head that he should run ahead and start leaving us WAY behind, he skipped ahead 3 enemy filled areas, you know the first little area when going from the right crystal to the left crystal? We were there, and he was up where the varelsi spawn at the first door to get into the left crystal
I have NO idea how he even got that far…but long story short he died x3x
and that was the only death, ambra tried to revive him but we Physically couldnt reach him, and when he revived he revived at a checkpoint way ahead, so ambra had to stay with him Barely keeping him alive until me and the other guy got there.
After that it went pretty normal, during the boss rush i turned on my mic and gave the team instruction cause i have experience with advanced helio with multiple people so we did good in that part.

And just 5 minutes ago, it happened again with some guy that chose Whiskey…
he was lvl 30 something, yet for some reason when i went right i had cleared out half the first area and he was still over in the first area so i asked him what was keeping him, then he runs to the left area and I ask him to go right but he keeps going so i decide to go left, and when i get over left i get stuck with a wave of enemies i take care of (I went thorn) and i check my map to see that he is WAY ahead, at the door pretty much, but having not killed a single enemy and just leaving them behind.

And I just sat here wondering wth I was doing, because…WHY…and I just said I wasn’t gonna do this with him and left.
I dislike rage quitting, I take pride in never doing it, but with THAT idk what i could have done x3x

Idk why this is happening, is there some kind of strategy to ignoring all the XP and not leveling up for the boss rush? x3x

Is the timer making new people thing they gotta ignore all enemies?

I have no idea, but UGH, I have never been more annoyed at a teammate in all my time in BB >3<

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This is the worst thing you’ve encountered?

And it made you ragequit?

God you’ve had a good run.


I’m talking teammate that actually make me mad, I don’t get angry at trolls that’ll play the game but keep typing in chat insults and what not, i don’t mind them, I’ll report them if they’re a dick about their trolling but honestly it makes me laugh more than anything.
I’ve also had a guy in pvp once that literally ran out and killed himself over and over on purpose while calling for surrender every time the option refreshed, while chatting about how our team sucks
But This…idk why but it annoyed me *-*
(not counting people on other teams angering me like someone cheesing or aimbotting)

Whats the worst you’ve had lol?
Because i feel like maybe we just have different definitions of what’d make us angry owo

No idea why, but I honestly just drew a line there and it made me angry, I think it was how it seemed like a combination of the guy not knowing what he’s doing, thinking he knows what to do better, and just ignoring his team in a PUBLIC match. (i was the only teammate, and i think it was a little more personal given it was just a 2 man team)

It just sounded fairly tame given the sheer volume of bad/oblivious/troll teammates out there.

I don’t solo queue much anymore so I don’t have a specific example, but I have played with many bad/ignorant people.

I guess sometimes something just really pushes your buttons, fair enough.

This is one explanation i think. But i have experienced this rush mentality in all coop -online games, because alot of ppl think they are uber-clever if they are able to bypass passages full of enemies and save time for the team. In their mind you’re the loser if you don’t do it or can’t because they left you there alone with tons of enemies and if you die then, they leave the game and think “oh f**k what a loser”.

Best regards.

I may be misunderstanding the area your talking about with the whiskey but if I’m understanding correctly… I personally don’t fight any of those waves between the two sides… I personally will go back to the spawn area and jump back across… Because there really is no reason to fight them… But that’s besides the point… If my team would be heading towards the path id follow them… In my experience more people do it the way you described they did it then not, newer players experienced players and all… Fastest safest way to do it is just go back to spawn and go across from there… I don’t think I’ve ever had a run where I wasn’t 10 by the time I got to rendain


I almost always skip everything on Heliophage during the timer sections.

There’s no reason to do them and you still reach level 10 by the time you hit the rendain fight.

Also I only ever play Helio with one other guy. He plays Orendi and I play Ambra. We win every time.

Thank goodness, I was beginning to think I have been doing something wrong all these weeks by skipping enemy waves during the timers. OP is the first I’ve heard of that actually fights through them all, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t join in the fight :wink:

You just need to be sure you’re leading the charge, because otherwise I’ll assume you’re following me and we’ll all skip ahead.

Last time I solo queue Helio was sometime within the first week the game came out. No don’t trust doing that with randoms because that stage takes too long

Shows my lack of experience with the stage, you can skip all the way to the final crystal rooms in each section without clearing the starting rooms? I always go back to the spawn and go around however, as I don’t want to waste time on the middle bridge. If the OP had followed my “Rule of Kleese” when playing advanced PvE with randoms (short version, take Kleese, see if someone else takes him, or back out) however, he would have avoided a lot of headache :slight_smile:

I think you are misunderstanding, or maybe im misunderstand your post I have no idea, here I screenshot the heliophage map for a more visual sense

Greenline is me, red line is him.
I had just started the right area, he was still in the 1st area.
I asked him to follow me, he went Left (from the beginning using the jump pads)
I decided i’d follow him, but when i got over left I saw he hadn’t killed any enemies at alll and had run to the first wave area in the left side where you gotta fight stuff for a door to open.

He’d have died alone anyway given he abandoned me his only team mate so he could run All that way indicated on the map without killing anything.

It sounds like you’re referring to the faster way to get the the 2nd crystal after destroying one by going back to the 1st area instead of going the middle route.
I prefer the middle route but we didnt even get that far, the match Literally only lasted 5 minutes.
we were still lvl 1, possibly 2

It’s routine for me now to get a win on advanced helio… worse luck with randoms on normal and hardcore normal missions. But if you have the superior console add me on xb1 zombiefan504

Naw, sorry I’m on Pc ;p

And I usually win on Helio advanced (Hell I was stupid enough for my first helio ever to be advanced with Orendi solo…I didnt end well but long story short i won with 0 lives…)

Now that i know what I’m doing I typically don’t die on helio =3=

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Ok I definitely misunderstood please disregard what I said… With that being said yeah I understand the pain of low levels just like I love it when level 4s and 9s are voting for advanced heliophage… I’ll run it just because I know it won’t be more than a 5 minute game lol

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My first Heliophage advanced run, with me not even having the benefit of having done a heliophage run on normal, managed to win with me (miko), Oscar mike, and Mellka jumping around with zero lives killing Rendain while our two Raths were dead. It’s okay though because Deande was worth it.

Heliophage brings out the worst in the present state of public games. Few people have mics, so even if you do choose to bypass all the enemies you can’t communicate with the rest of the team. Meanwhile, those people that try to bypass the enemies are still contributing to the number of enemies spawned by virtue of being present in the same game. People will go the mid lane route instead of going back to the starting platform, or go back to the start instead of the mid lane route… frustrating. It isn’t that these strategies are bad. Not being together on these strategies is the problem.

Then there’s Warlord Nix’s Thrall Brutes on the middle platform that everyone seems eager to neglect. The first person needing to spawn back in becomes a massive life sink. People try to rescue them the wrong way and next thing you know, mission failed.

Truly annoying. But really easy when your mute group gels. Far easier when you can communicate. My policy is that if you aren’t going to have a mic don’t try a technique that splits up the group.

This isnt about the middle route, I made a more clarifying post witha visual of the map and what happened to explain what happened better a few posts up.

But besides that yeah, BB is a team game and people need to be on the same page, I like to do things a very particular way but if my team is doing something else I’ll just roll with it.

Unless its something horrible like abandoning Chronicle to clear up straggler enemies while chronicle starts moving and gets slaughtered while everyone else on the team is way behind lol…
But unless it something game ending, I just go with the flow of the team =3=

I was using the middle route as another example.

Yeah, i tend to go middle route because of shard and exp reasons, plus i’ve never not made it on time taking that route so i see it as a good route ;p

But I also tend to make sure everyone else is on board with it before hand >~>

I agree with what your saying that lack of communication is one of the biggest issues with this game… But in response to the thralls in the middle platform… There is never any reason for you to be on that island… If you die and have to respawn turn around… I think most people don’t know this but there’s two other jumpads… 1 takes you to the snow area and the other to the echelon looking island

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