New performance issues after the latest patch? (Please help)

Since I purchased B3 about a month ago, I’ve been able to enjoy playing the game offline with little to no performance issues at all but for a slightly laggy quick menu(although I’ve dealt with multiple bugs along the way). I downloaded the latest patch yesterday, and ever since the patch finished downloading onto my Xbox I’ve been experiencing almost game breaking lag and frame rate drops(offline). Any time I enter combat, especially if I dare to fire an automatic weapon, the frame rate takes a nose dive and my screen freezes up for 2-3 seconds at a time the vibration from my controller will get stuck as well as if I’ve been firing my weapon the entire time. When the screen unfreezes, I’m in a completely different area from where the lag started(usually now surrounded by enemies and getting melted out in the open). Has anyone else experienced the same problem? Is there any recourse for this issue, have I maybe unknowingly done something wrong? Any help or advice is greatly appreciated. I’ve tried so hard to enjoy this almost great game, but it seems like every few days this game finds some new front to test my patience or fight any fun I may be having on. I just maxed out my main and it would be a shame to have to quit now, but at least I didn’t buy the DLC before this problem popped up. I’ve defended this game and Gearbox up to now through all the nerfs and broken matchmaking, but if it is the latest patch that broke my game… I think I’m out until there’s a general consensus the game is in a better place and all the technical issues have been resolved.

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Ya The game is worst The graphics performance are bad,i really understand,The game don t have Next graphics and os full of problem,hyet my eyes this game with bad graphics performance… gear box, fail!!

have you tried uninstalling the game? is there a defrag for xbox? if so do that then reinstall. worth a try

Hey, thank you for the advice. I had to take a few days off because it was really frustrating. It doesn’t seem to be effecting anyone else so the problem must be native to either my Xbox or my data. I’ll try uninstalling and reinstalling when I go over to my parents house tomorrow and I can use their internet connection (you can’t uninstall anything from an Xbox One without internet to back the data up to the cloud to the best of my knowledge.) What is a de-frag though?

Defragmentation of the drive collects parts of software stored on a drive and tries to keep them together. Operating systems typically fill space on the drive in a manner that causes extra workload on the processor and by grouping the files together as much as possible it reduces the strain to provide better results.

I have not personally seen this option on an Xbox - but I’ve not got the new gen one either so it is possibly an option now.