New pistol idea

I believe one of the many things missing in this game is a legendary pistol that is called:
It’s red text should be pewpew
and when you shoot it, instead of a normal shooting sound it’s just a person saying “pew pew”
Damage 250-1000 max lvl before mayhem
Acc 60%
Han 70%
Rt 1s
Fr 10/s
Capacity 20
Manufacturer Jakobs
And as a added bonus I think it’s base texture should be cardboard because that would make this a whole lot better.
Pls make this a thing

The bullet trail it leaves should just be the word pew repeated over and over in neon colours

Pewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpewpew going all over the screen in bright blue would be pretty funny


Hopefully this gets to the top post so it has a chance of being added to the game

Fun idea, you should pop it in the create your own gear topic :+1:

Ok thanks

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