New plat skins added or am I crazy?

Skin for Shaurox? Taunt for Orendi? I don’t recall them being there earlier this week. There’s a couple of others too in glossing through but I think they’re new. Someone confirm or deny?

ETA: after more in depth looking, yes I’m sure. I have never seen these and I change my faves for my preferred characters daily. Ooooh how exciting.

There was a new Shaurox skin and if you’re talking about Hang Time for Orendi, that’s been there since the Winter Update.

Eyes taunt? Whatsit called?

No there’s an eyes taunt. Ernest got a new skin for sure as well

Think you could upload a vid of them real fast? Or would that take a while? Or do you just not want to do it, that’s fine. If you do upload, do it on Youtube.

Give me a few

Take all the time you need

Posted a quick few in the original post up top. I want to say that Montana and Boldur got some but I don’t play them hardly at all. Uh and an El dragon taunt.

It was mentioned in the latest Battleplan that new skins were released, such as the green planty one for S&A or ISIC. Love both alot!
Some of the skins shown in the vid are already there ince the Winter Update though.

Really? I thought I’d have seen the Shaurox, WF, and Orendi things at least Wednesday. Yesterday I was wrapped up in the new OPs.
I’ve seen the ISIC one for about a week.

Not fully sure now tbh, I don´t look at the marketplace very often since I have my 2 favourite Rath-skins^^

Just checked the MP yesterday, after reading the Battleplan, and thought those are the skins mentioned in it

If you’re a fan of skins, then the next couple of weeks should be pretty exciting. We’ll be rolling out several new designs for some of your favorite Battleborn including Shayne and Aurox, Boldur, and Kelvin. Not to be out done, you’ll see Whiskey Foxtrot and Ernest in there as well.

The Eyes Have It has been in there since, like, December.

Ernest skin is definitely new though, had to have dropped yesterday. Looks sick.

Oh good! I wasn’t crazy in thinking I hadn’t seen the Kevin one too! I missed that snippet. Can’t fault me for wanting to see and experience the (spooky voice) DEEEEEEMON BEEEAAARRR! LOL