New play through story skip?

I haven’t rolled a new character in a long while and since Zane is the only one I have never played I decided to go ahead and roll up a Zane now that I finished DLC3. I had no idea they added an option to start the game at level 13 in Sanctuary with some of the main story skipped/completed?? When did this get added?

It’s offered as “start with a DLC” but it looks like you could also just continue on with the main story like normal if you want to save DLC for max level. I had no idea this was a thing or I probably would have rolled up another character sooner. This also makes mule creation MUCH simpler! This is nice. GG GB.

Only downside is that I’m level 13 with skill points and I have no F*ing clue how to play Zane. lul.

Hint: Use ur clone…lol. Has been buffed for the time being. Have some fun with it.

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I figured now is a good time to roll up a new character since I need to clear out my bank of sub level 60 gear I can sell my bank on the new character and use the proceeds to upgrade SDUs. :smiley:

Zane is fun to play anyways. New clone makes it a bit easier.


Is there anything good or funny that I miss with Zane that was early on and skipped?

The option to start in Sanctuary at level 13 started with DLC 2.

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Knowing that I would eventually want to play other characters and maximize farming, I ran an entire main story in split screen with a player 2 “mule” character (local PlayStation account). That way when I wanted to play a new main character, I could blast through the story via split screen with my max level “mule”, while my new main character gets the credit and XP.

Then there’s the farming benefit. In split screen and cooperation mode, each player gets their own loot. So you get double loot in split screen.

Then there’s there’s the bank space benefit. Having a mule gives you an entire bank to use. Run multiple mules for multiple banks.

Edit: after you max out Zane and see that he’s easy mode, you’ll have a hard time going back to any other character.

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YES, I’m sure… all his voice lines are funny as sh it and the way the COV react to him… “Hey, old man” and others is good. When I did my 1st play though (w/Zane) it was in co-op with Amara and Zane said “You should know better than to get caught by a siren” (I’m sure that’s me paraphrasing but you get the point.)

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