New playable character

yes i know they said that’s there’s no new playable character but imagine of they did do you think that will be good if axton and Salvador return to 3 with all new skills and skill tree i think it’s something that’s will bring a lot of player back


I personally want to play as Krieg the Psycho again, i had alot of fun with his builds


Running around with a tank/melee build chucking explosive buzzaxes for surprisingly high damage was by far the most fun I’ve had in any borderlands game. Also arguably the most “borderlands-esque” play style I’ve ever used. Good times.


Fiona From “Tales” She Was Getting Trained By Athena. Pop Out Derringer As Action Skill.
Vaughn And Reese Are In BL3. Where The Hell Is Fiona?


Yeah, I want my stylin’ hat!


ill do anything to see my baby Krieg back :heart_eyes: :brown_heart: :brown_heart: :brown_heart: :brown_heart:


I would’ve like Krieg as well and because he’s better at having stronger melee build than Amara. Plus I love Krieg dialogue especially in his Badass AS form. His quotes makes killing enemies worth it

Krieg + Facepuncher = <3


I actually managed a brief exchange with Laura Bailey on Facebook concerning Fiona’s hat, made my week!

Also did you buy Fiona a new hat after it’s demise?

I miss Axton.

But I certainly don’t want to see them bring Axton back only to kill him off, like they tend to do.


I don’t recall them ever killing off a character in the same game which the character is playable.

There’s a first time for everything.

If it’s the first time it’s certainly not a tendency, eh?

Ahh, nitpicking.

Ok, let me clarify my first post. I’d love to see Axton again if he was playable, but not if they bring him back as an NPC only to kill him off, which has become rather common in the series.


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That would be amazingly awkward. FO3 did it, but then they had to retcon that death in the Broken Steel DLC.

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TPS? They killed Claptrap off at the end of the CLaptastic Voyage DLC. Jack uses the H-Source to kill every Claptrap, and the end credits show him dying.
Then, if you’re playing as him, you just carry on as nomal.

Yeah. Fans weren’t happy about not being able to continue the game, so the DLC fixed it. Worked pretty well, though it wasn’t the way I chose to play that part. =]

As for a new playable character, I wouldn’t want any previously playable character to return as a playable character, to be honest. If you want to play them, go back to the old game (assuming you have it). I’d rather see them come back as an NPC and be more involved in the story. Not to mention, repeating previous characters just means the same stuff again, and I’d prefer something new.
I’d be cool with having NPCs become playable characters, though, as that’s still something new to experience. Like Gearbox making up a skill tree for Typhon, which made me want to spend time playing as him.
I’d prefer brand new VHs, though, ideally. New characters for us to build on and to be included as NPCs in the future. I hope they do decide to release new VHs for B3 - it’d be awesome! =]


I was hoping all playable vault hunters made a return in this game as playable again. It was a high expectation but grouping might have been more interesting.

I’d like to see them in BL3 in some fashion and would love for gearbox to change their mind and add new VH’s to make the game more diverse.

C’mon admit it the nostalgia of playing some of the old characters in bl3 would hook you right in. Tho I would love to play as an npc like Balex or Clay would be to freaking sweet.


New playable character would be great but as much as I love Krieg, I wouldn’t want to play as a previous vault hunter.

I would really love new characters though.

Playing as another CLP-T4P could be interesting. Not Fragtrap from Pre-Sequel buts different on with different skills.



Different brands/manufacturers focused versions of claptrap?
Or a Scav traptrap?

Or Custom-trap, who melees enemies and applies tickets that debuff and damage over time?
Or dubstep claptrap?
Or samurai claptrap?
Or Brit-trap, who throws explosive cups of tea while demanding better manners?

Seriously, claptrap has so much potential. You could make a game with four claptrap vault hunters as the playable characters and it’d work. It’d annoy a lot of people, but it’d work.
Just need some way to make a siren claptrap. =]