New player, absolutely trying to like this game, its impossible

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This game is a blast played in Story mode if you consider the following:

  1. It’s the Unreal Engine, expect some Serious Sam.

  2. Knockback is a thing, it makes no sense so don’t even try reasoning with it.

  3. The damage in this game favors the NPC.
    They can hit you with anywhere from 1,900 to 3k with one hit, don’t get in their face.

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It can be a bit of a shark tank to a new player, I’m sure. If you have previous moba experience, as well as just raw fps experience, once you figure things out, you will find that the competition is much less competitive than the games you came from. At least that has been my experience with the game. I come from very competitive games with very large playerbases where you simply cannot miss a single shot or you are dead. That has not been even remotely close to my experience in this game.

I guess to help you out without writing a book, I could offer a few pieces of advice. Not every character is exactly viable. Not even viable characters are necessarily viable on every team. There are a lot of choices to make and they start at character selection. Many games are lost before they start. Did your teammates pick pendles, two supports and marquis? It doesnt matter who you pick, if the other team has thumbs, you will lose. Don’t stress, just finish and lose or just bounce. Whatever doesnt conflict with your conscience.

Since you said you like incursion, I’ll focus on that. Meltdown is really like very small group TDM, in spite of what so many say. It is a bunch of series of 2v2 or 3v2 or 3 situations with minions happening to be there. Not much about synergy, strategy or team play, just TDM. The compositions that work meltdown will not work in incursion. You absolutely MUST have strong wave clear. You asked how you can help your team the most? Play wave clear and play it better than the guy on the other team. They sadly messed up the xp rewarded for minions last week for whatever reason, so leveling will be slow, but winning trumps leveling and minions win games.

Min/max your gear. If you are playing a character that does dps on players or waves with skills, then stack skill damage. If you are a player with a very strong ultimate, then stack buildable cost and shard gen gear with skill damage as a third. If you are playing an eldrid character, run as much max health as possible. That is a start.

Okay, okay, calm down, calm down. It’s your first time playing and you tried to do the entire campaign solo? Hold on…


The campaign is not riddled with map glitches. The game is not sluggish, I don’t even know how one could call it that. That’s more a subjective matter though. But still, unless you’re playing a tank or defender, you should not feel like you’re slow or weighed down all the time. And weight and speed is the price of high defensive capability.

Aiming wasn’t terrible either, you should have put your sensitivity up if it bothered you THAT much. Feels pretty accurate to me, though a few characters simply aren’t accurate, like Reyna, because of balance and trade-off.

Now, as for your return.

There is LITERALLY AN INCURSION TUTORIAL NOW. Oh my sweet jesus. And a little dojo with minion waves to target practice on.

You’ll need some friends to play with, but if you keep bashing it this hard, some won’t want to help you because they think you won’t want to learn.

No clue what the minimap icons mean? But it’s straight-up common sense. Other games don’t teach you about the minimap icons, why is it so bad for this game not to?

No hero should be killing you in 3 seconds or whatever unless the entire team bursts you down, but that’s not happening because you say it’s someone sneaking up behind you. And the only blinding abilities in the game are Nullify by Orendi, Smoke Bomb by Pendles, and Flashbang by Caldarius. Two of which require helix choices to blind and all three of which do poopy damage. Or at least, not instakill or kill-in-3-sec damage. You’ll have to watch your healthbar.


Gear loadouts being pay-to-win? wat? You can’t buy gear with money, the only thing – and they JUST added this – is a loot-pack booster that gives you loot packs upon winning a match. But that’s not the only way to get loot, and those are expensive boosters anyways. You can do one mission and get quadruple the gear. A single gear loadout can bought in 5-9 missions or matches now thanks to the increase credit gain.


another thing: the game gives “basic descriptions” of game modes a little bit in the command screen, and definitely in the loading screens. So pay attention.


@austinkun im sorry you are having a hard time understanding the game. What system are you playing on? have you joined the discord? I know there are a couple discords out there that deal with battleborn. The main one is the one that @Kaleidodemon runs. Im sure there are plenty of people out there that are more than willing to help you learn the game.

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I think that’s how most people felt in the beginning.
And I still feel like that at times when I try new characters in PvP and I literally just played my first face off match yesterday… did I know what was going on? Not really, but it was the same with other modes when I started playing… play some more and you will figure out how to get around. The game is kinda learning by doing.

As for the PvE missions… dunno what feels sluggish to you. The only character I’m having a hard time aiming with at times is Montana for whatever reason, otherwise I feel it’s fine? But I’m ■■■■■■ at aiming anyway so maybe I can’t judge.

And about the gear being pay to win… no. Veteran players of course have more gear, but you can get gear so easily in PvE or via lootpacks. There is also no need for legendaries in your loadout, the right green gear can be just as good and gives you the chance to concentrate on buildables which is always good.

Please ignore the unhelpful post above where a guy rants at you for no reason and focus on the many other helpful replies. Let’s go through some things. There should be tutorial modes now with winter update. I know what you mean when you first start, you can’t kill anyone and everyone seems to instakill you.

The game feels “sluggish” because combat and time to kill are much slower than in other FPS games. This is one of my least favorite things about the game, but there it is. I’ve still put a lot of hours into BB.

Don’t worry about kills in PvP at the moment. Focus on the objective which includes wave clear (unless playing Capture, in which case find a partner and just run with them so you won’t be caught alone by the enemy) or killing Varelsi in Face Off. Wave clear means dropping minion waves like in other MOBA’s. That way, you are always helping the team even if you aren’t getting kills. Unlike other Hero shooters at lot of BB is about just keeping your minions going and stopping the enemy. Therefore, forcing an enemy to retreat is the same as a kill, even if less rewarding to you personally.

In PVE there aren’t really map glitches (I’ve played a LOT of PVE on bad internet). Could you give examples with specific levels/areas?

Similarly, there’s no true pay to win in PvP at the moment unless you count the XP boosters which make getting mutations easier. Gear comes from PvE and loot packs. If you can buy loot packs with platinum now, then that’s changed and there is some P2W, but it’s minimal and you’d have to buy a ton of packs. It’s far better to get loot in PvE.

What are some characters you like and what problems are you having with them? Similarly, for the PvE levels, what areas are causing you the most problems at the moment?


Solo’ing Heliophage is tough. You’ve done well to make it this far! Don’t fight Rendain or any of the bosses on the center platform. You’ll just get knocked off. Go to the “winter platform” (the one with highest ledge that looks covered in snow). You will draw him up there and less enemies come up there usually. This true for all the bosses in this section, don’t fight on the center platform and try to have your back against a wall if they have knock back.

If you use Dischord, there’s BB section setup by @Kaleidodemon where you can find people to run levels with. Search on the forums for a link as I’m on mobile and cannot at the moment.

Gear mostly comes from grinding PvE but you can also get loot packs from leveling up characters and from earning in game credits in PvP that can be used to buy loot packs. The gear system is innovative in that white gear can be better than a legendary in terms of shard cost. That legendary is no good if the match is nearly over before you can activate it. There’s posts on all types of gear load ours and @Kitru has made a playstyle guide for PvP and PvE for nearly every character. Search on the forums for some Ambra and Miko guides. @SirWalrusCrow has a great one on Miko. I would recommend giving Kleese a go as he’s simple to use and very powerful. Let me know if you have more questions or if I didn’t fully answer one you already asked.


Oh yeah, The Heliophage. I meant to cover that in my post. Rendain is a difficult boss, I agree. Once you complete the mission though, it’s not as bad, and on the third or fourth run, it’s pretty easy. Just keep going at it. I do recommend the snowy island with the giant corpse.

Theres your battleborn discord to find people to play with easier. :slight_smile: because of how long games are, and how many pve queues there are, the queue times would have to be ridiculously long to fill up teams in story.

im happy to help you out on pc or ps4. or answer any questions you have in the battleschool in the above discord.

Hope to see you there!


Nova does explain the match objective at the start of the maps, accompanied by a nice visual tutorial. Every. Single. Time

Why do people never pay attention to it?


Hey, what’s your Steam ID? I roll with a ton of people, we’d be glad to group up with you

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Well the whole objective part is explained in the first 30 seconds of the game by Nova
And about the map marker: No game ever explains map marker because to learn them it´s just go there and see what it is
And here a casual tip you might not like
Just continue playing. learning by doing
And if you still need help just ask about specific things either here or get some people to play it with on discord or here in the forum. I think about 98% of the people here can explain you everything ^^
It could also help to tell us the platform you are playing on so we can get some people to help you^^


For anyone who found this post TL;DR this kind of sums it up.


Ok, for Face off, aka Mask collecting mode, go and find the markers on the minimap. The best way to know what to do is to:
A) Watch gameplay,
or b) Go explore the map. It quickly becomes easy to see whats happening.
And change the map style to minimap only, will help you out.

As soon as I read that, I was just like “wait hold up? Is this a troll or what? He must be very confused”


The gear isn’t the be-all end-all to winning either, in my opinion. And I think you can do well with easily found common to uncommon gear or no gear at all. Because perhaps you’ll be using shards for building instead of activating your gear.

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I really think you have a heavily different expectation from the game than you should. From reading your posts, you seem to want the game to be Dynasty Warriors.
I was frustrated the first time I played PvP, back in the beta, but even then it was pretty clear what I was supposed to do (I was just stomped by Galilea, Montana, and Miko).
Rendain and all the minibosses aren’t the real enemies in Heliophage. Gravity is.
Loot can’t be bought. it isn’t hard to get usually, just time consuming. It isn’t Pay2Win, it’s Play2Win, most of the game and gear comes with experience.
Really though, don’t compare Overwatch. It’s very similar to people in Final Fantasy XIV comparing with Final Fantasy XI just because they were both online FF games. Acknowledging the fact that Overwatch and Battleborn are two unique, seperate games should help your view.

As a personal suggestion, playing a support without knowing the game too well can be problematic, especially solo. Try Oscar Mike or Shayne + Aurox for solo play, you won’t regret it.


BTW, since I don’t want to just come off as a know it all vet, I’d love to help with any confusion the game might cause. Just that addressing all the questions you have here is a little overwhelming and the game does offer some advice.

If you play on PC I could also help you in game - might be easier to address your questions on a case by case basis.

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