New Player - Disabling Enemy Respawn ¿?

Hello and hello again to a few others ^^

Just started with BL2 (played 1 a few years back), plan on going with the pre-sequel after this.

One question: Is there a way to delay or turn on/off enemy respawn??

Still at the begin (lvl 10) I’m not exactly slow but I like to take my time, solve most of the challenges/find the hidden stuff, see the sights, explore rooftops, open every chest, etc etc.

However I’m having to fight the same enemies in some areas when backtracking or going around a bit, its a nuisance I can do without, plus don’t wanna outlevel the content of future areas because of that.

**Did a little reading of the rules as instructed and it seems modding is allowed to be talked in forum. Also and while not wanting this to go off-topic, its normally smarter to keep track of modified/altered content under your own watch than having to hunt for it all over the internet. Good luck in a company set to be pretentious/stupid/snob about it, maybe your (other) customers are pleased! It sure sets an example about how to be treated in kind :slight_smile:

Thanks for any reply!

The enemy respawns are on a timer. I think it’s something like 20 minutes? Nothing much you can do about it, other than enjoy the extra XP you get for doing so! Remember that you can always go back to any area to finish all the challenges and exploration.

Meanwhile, you may find this helpful:


It just seems (might) strange that I’m the only one bothered by this, this game has a few years down the road, figured that by popular necessity/demand there should be a way to prevent or delay auto-spawns. Can’t accuse devs of having more stubbornness than sense if its only me complaining though =X

Another thing that would be neat in this game is a holster weapon command, making it easier to navigate around scenarios while the weapon is off (like moving a bit faster and jumping a little higher, improves scenario exploration and avoidance of enemies).

I’ll be sure to have a look at the guide, thanks again :slight_smile:
EDIT: I assume that in the pre-sequel enemies also respawn and nothing can be done about it? I’ll likely have to research around the net before buy to see if theres any workarond on this, very irksome feature for me =(

You do know there’s a sprint function, right? (Down on LS/L3 on console)

Otherwise, the respawn is actually quite long. You will, however, trigger additional waves as you move through to different areas. The only thing about a gun that slows you down is ADS; otherwise, you just push forward and/or sprint.

What is this ADS??

Playing without sprint would be hard to digest, almost the same as this no disable spawns is, so yeah been using it all the time.
Major issue is jumping around the scenarios, would be great if the character could grab ledges but that is admittedly pushing beyond the designed scope of the game.

Aiming down sights - basically, using the weapon zoom. Slows you right down.

You’re not the only one. It was my second biggest annoyance when I was starting out. In time you’ll get fast enough that it mostly won’t be a problem anymore. But yeah, it was quite irritating on my first playthrough…

I’m not aware of anything we can do about it. This game seems to not support mods, maybe because it’s (from my perspective anyway) a console game that happens to have a PC port, rather than being a true PC game.

Just think of it this way more mobs=more exp=faster levels

And more loot drops, too…

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Don’t feel an urge to reach max level or get best weapons as fast as possible. I just wanna enjoy the pace and face challenge/content appropriate to my current level. Many new games are adhering to a model where enemies scale up to you, wich is (in theory) great, becomes kinda meh when everyone is 3-4 levels under, and since I doubt I’m gonna play this a 2nd time, trying to get the most out of this ride xD

The game is pretty good, I just don’t like to be rushed or having to comply with a schedule all the time (its cool to have timed challenges/quests every now and then), it seems like such a small feature to make spawns adjustable, but anyway… it is as it is.

Thanks guys!

It’s a great game I myself have 1500+ hours in it, but to each there own.

What games have a built in slider for spam times? I’ve never seen one.

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And neither should you. The game rewards exploration, for one thing! It’s not worth getting hung up about the respawn timer though - you’ll probably end up a bit over-levelled, so they’ll be a minor irritant at best. My approach is usually to complete a particular story quest in a new area, and then go back to explore. That’s another nice thing about this game - it never locks you out of areas or prevents you from back-tracking. (Well, there’s one place you can’t get back to, but that’s spoiler territory and if you’re level 10 you’re nowhere near that.)

OK, prompt: it’s where Angel is being kept

I goofed with the closing spoiler tag - fixed now. This is, however, the Spoilers section!

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We are not likely to see one since no game respawns enemies (outside of MMOs that is) in the same zone you’re playing, if doing that was common practice its likely such games would benefit from a timed spawn feature.

Played Van Helsing Final Cut (ARPG) couple months ago, theres an option to respawn enemies when you exit/enter the game, or leave areas clean. Modded versions of most Bethesda games have scaled respawn timer (Oblivion, Fallouts, Skyrim), but granted in those games its an added feature since its not required nor a bother.

Sorry I don’t know how to reply with quote in this forum xD

Hmmm… The HALO games I’ve played don’t have respawns unless the story returns you to the same area (so basically all the time!). They don’t allow back-tracking though. I don’t remember what the set-up was in the Gears of War series?

The best comparison is with open world games rather than “on rails” FPS shooters, though. And all of the games in that category (even ones with a series of smaller maps rather than one large open world) have respawning enemies by default (e.g. the ones you mentioned.)

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hmmmm, sounds like a few others I know, and I still do that as much now as then. For me I never worried about being overlevel, the gear that drops in NVHM stays about the level of progression of the game (unlike TPS where you can get level gear out of the machines), so it was still challenging. ALso as you level up the mobs give less XP which helps slow down the leveling process.

Note, and yes I know the chest in Sanctuary, just don’t use it if your overlevel

Btw this is not me:

Still, didn’t meant for the topic to become that long. Going to cross fingers and hope that gearbox does implement some sort of control to that in their next title.

Don’t be sorry these conversations are great. This is the first I’ve heard this and because you posted it I saw a few others also voice this.

It’s a great conversation to start, thanks for making the thread.