New Player - Disabling Enemy Respawn ¿?

@ramosmichel Re. the challenges, I dub them as individual challenges or team challenges, dictated by who benefits from the challenge’s completion:

  • Individual challenges require each player to do them. These include things like equipment-specific challenges and Cult of the Vault.
  • Team challenges only require one player’s completion for the whole team to benefit. These include collecting/playing ECHO recorders and things like Totems of Fire (Frostburn Canyon).

Re. enemy respawns, they run on a timer. Killing off everything in the area will net you some time before they come back.

[quote=“VaultHunter101, post:6, topic:1252232”]Aiming down sights - basically, using the weapon zoom. Slows you right down.[/quote]In most cases. Exceptions are the Jakobs Greed and Hyperion Interfacer.

That aside, for the challenge in Tundra Express where you’re locating/deactivating the mines, I strongly suggest using any gun but those to approach the carefully mines using ADS and crouch-walking.