New player, disk in, title screen, player initialisation failed

Anyone else not getting past title screen? Are the servers down?

Yeah same Problem here, very dissapointing…

try entering a support ticket

Ticket is created, I hope this helps shortly!

I’ve done the same… this is ridiculous. Absolute bag of toss…

Same here. Can’t express how disappointed I am with this company. Not one peep of a statement so we can at least know Gearbox are working on this. If it isn’t sorted soon I’m taking the game back.

Agreed,… Is it just new players? Are the Ps4 servers down? Taking the P!$$…

Hey Gearbox? Any News?
Where is the Problem? I have a standard PS4 with a standard Internet Provider with a standrad game.
What do I have to consider in special? I resetted the PS4, my router, de/installed the game, LAN, WLAN, please bring it on :slight_smile:


Tikcet got answered: Advice was Logout/in PSN, done that Problem is the same. Is my Problem so special? :slight_smile: VG Ben

As special as everyone else, I’m convinced it’s Psn not Gearbox now.