New player fast levelling

Hi guys,

I’ve recently returned from a lengthy break off Borderlands and have decided to restart my characters. I’ve experienced the story and side quests so any tips on getting to level 60 the fastest? Not sure which bosses to farm for the most xp.


BL3 is really greedy when it comes to “your time” being respected. With that being said, most bosses in this game have immunity phases that really serve no purpose other than wasting more of your time and to run your action skills out during the boss fight.

The only bosses that offers decent xp on kill that does not have a stupid immunity phase that I can think of is Graveward and Capt. Traunt.

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The best boss to XP is scraptrap but you need the dlc1


If youre on console I would do the Slaughter. A lot of badass enemies who give a lot of exp without loading times. If you have the DLCs kill the craptraps in the Handsome Jackpot DLC.

If youre on PC I would do Graveward until you dont kill him very fast because of the scaling. Maybe youll get a nice com while farming exp. A level 57 god roll com is still better than a 2/3 good rolled stats com on level 60.

Slaughter Shaft is a good source. Just rounds of open slaughter. Some people tend to keep there game open for people to join while the make rounds to level others.

As u/RuthlessGrimm stated, if you have dlc1 you can infinitely spawn minions without quiting out at the Scraptrap boss, this racks up xp really quickly. If you want to know how just ask :+1:t2: