New Player Feedback

Just jumped in game for the first time - played 4-5 matches, hoping in the dojo to test out new cards when I got them.

Expectations vs. Reality

  • Didn’t expect it to be so Quake/Unreal Tournament-y. It’s been some time since I’ve played an FPS like this, but I loved UT2004, so I was excited once I realized it. Felt good, was nice to play one of these again.

  • Didn’t expect much from the card game side of things, and it managed to disappoint. It’s even less of a card game than Paladins is/was (they used to have a deck system), and they got a spectacular amount of ■■■■ for pitching it as a card game hybrid back in the beta. I’d strongly recommend either fleshing out literally anything that makes them identifiable as cards (from a gameplay perspective), or changing the name to something else.

  • I was worried about 1 vs 1’s being stressful. I relaxed pretty quickly. I think the persistent health and relatively short match lengths help that a lot - if I die I know I at least made progress towards my next kill, and by the time someone’s pulled significantly ahead (if they have) the match is only like a minute away from ending.

  • Lootbox progression has been better than expected. I really hope this isn’t “Make everything easily available for testing” at play, since it’s a deal-breaking issue for me when competitive games have hard-locked progression - i.e. if someone crushes me with a Human Flame, I need Human Flame, if only so I can jump into the dojo to see how it works, get a sense of how to move to best avoid it.

Core Gameplay/Abilities and Weapons

  • I was genuinely surprised at the ability breakdown - far more gameplay changing quest abilities (like Excalibur) and far fewer passive modifiers (like Air Jump) than I expected. I’d love some more passive abilities. If you don’t want players stacking them, they could be confined to 1-2 passive only slots. In general I’d just appreciate some more low cooldown stuff.

  • Cinder needs to communicate what you’re doing better. Tell you what weapon you have up (so you can shotgun people in the back 100% reliably), and tell you when the semi-reveal pulses are happening.

  • Gibe (non-ability) melee weapon plz. I’d mainly like more close range combat alternatives.

  • I was concerned about things like Meteor having counterplay in a twitchy arena game. After dying to it once in my first match I read the telegraph and juked it with Phase Reverse, landing behind the guy and killing him with a shotgun. That was, to put it simply, pretty satisfying - an encouraging early moment of skill expression. I mainly wanted to point out the telegraph being a pretty important part of me having a fun experience and not going “■■■■ this game” uninstall. I wouldn’t mind things like Human Flame having a slightly stronger telegraph, even if they were made slightly stronger to compensate.

  • People hiding from you sucks. Given that it’s mainly an issue in the last minute, a decent brute force solution would just be turning on wallhack with 30-60 seconds left. Maybe increasingly frequent pulses as the match ends.


  • The maps (mainly Heart) are way too busy. It makes target tracking much harder than it should be, even just when compared to fighting on Quagmire. There needs to be some more consideration for keeping players easy to track relative to the background (mostly re: colour contrast).

  • The audio obviously needs some work, although I LOVE having noticeable modern spatialization. The gameplay decision of wether or not to jump (the grunt giving away information) is great.


I agree with everything you’ve said!

While I like it how it is, it just doesn’t seem to add anything making the weapons, abilities, etc cards. It’s practically irrelevant that the game has cards because its not a card collection game. It just kinda feels like its a gimmick to say so for people to want to see how it works. Theres nothing wrong with it being as it is, but if they aren’t going to change it to match their words they should change their words. To be honest them talking about cards drew me here and while I’ll stay unless it gets to be pay to win like, I still cant wait for a game that can really bring cards into an fps. I guess I’ll just have to see how the amazing eternals turns out, but thats a team game.

I was surprised about the lack of passives too, but I am just guessing they are holding off on some for now? But that might just be positive thinking.

The hiding aspect was really awful for me one match. They hid, but put a turret in front of them and just stayed there and shot. Got a ton more kills on me before I could get the turret away and get to them, then they just ran and set back up.

I feel differently about the heart and quagmire though. I feel like the heart is very organized and while theres some level changes I’d make (level as in having like 5-6 different floors) I feel like the quagmire is more challenging and with so many small hallways its nuts.