New player help

This is my first play through of Jack, and I know very little about him. Could anybody give me tips, builds, best weapons to go for, and just a bunch of advice on what his playing style is. Thanks

For first playthrough I would recommend the left tree, just for extra survivability and your digi jacks will do a lot of the work, once you get to second playthrough or reach your capstone I would respec down the middle tree since you will get and be able to maintain your kill skills almost constantly.
For the first playthrough you can basically use whatever you want, plus jack can be good with almost anything. As you progress through tvhm and uvhm you should go down the right tree until you reach absolute advantage, that skill combined with a Jakobs quad will make jack nearly unstoppable

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try something like this [Build] Deputy Jack: They call me Trinity

That has every resource you need to understand Jack. Read up and have fun.

As to play style, Jack can do everything except melee, so have figuring out how you want to do that.

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