New player in need of help

I’m new to borderlands and I was wondering if I could get help leveling up to 72. I’m level 22 psycho now. Help would be appreciated. Comment if you can help and your psn. Thank you :slight_smile: p.s. I have no mic. I’m just trying to make friends because I don’t really have any.

If you’re new to Borderlands I’d recommend leveling naturally, especially with Krieg. The game gets very difficult and complicated, and Krieg is by far the most complex character in the game. If you get power leveled you wont have time to learn how to play Krieg (or Borderlands 2) properly nor will you be able to farm your own loot (which is part of the learning curve) and you may find yourself bewildered and outmatched in UVHM.

Ultimately it’s your decision, just my two cents :slight_smile:

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Yeah I get that he is a hard character. I’ve seen a few guides on him, I’m mainly doing this to make friends because I don’t really have any to play with.

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Even if I were to power level you, you would still have to complete every mission to get to tvhm then uvhm so there really no point until level 50 uvhm