New player looking for help

Hi I’m a new player to Borderlands 2. I love it but I just kind of have a hard time with it I get confused on what to do, because I like to do things in order and there is just some things that kind of confused me about the loot system and the leveling I’m looking for someone to help me out and also to play with.

You might find this a good starting point:

There are on-line play and trading sections for the different platforms as well, so a post in the relevant one would be a good idea.


Try everything. I take it you’re in Normal mode? Pretty much everything works there… much of the banter about builds and gear effectiveness on the forums are from the point of view of min/maxing at OP8. I think of it like this (opinions may vary here):

  • Normal mode is like summer camp - have yourself a great time.
  • True mode is like a rewarding 9-5 job.
  • Early Ultimate mode is like boot camp. It will, it should, kick your ass.
  • Late Ultimate mode (like OP 6+) is like active military duty in a combat zone.
  • Leveraging the OP system and/or UCP (if you’re on PC) is like retiring to the Maldives… make the game as easy or as hard as you like, when you like, at whatever level you like.

Seriously though, if you come across something in the game not answered in the links posted above, just ask.

Off the cuff to get you started

  • Don’t drop any loot inside of Pierce Station (it will almost certainly fall through the floor never to be seen again).

  • Don’t sweat spending Eridium with Crazy Earl: you can prioritize it however you see fit, but there’s plenty enough to eventually buy everything he has, so there’s no need to bank it (unless you’re raiding, in which case, you don’t have an Eridium issue) or sweat that your options will be limited.

  • There are two categories of missions: story and side. Story missions will have a Vault symbol next to them in your mission log (see Hunting the Firehawk here). Side missions have an exclamation mark next to them, and change from (undiscovered) to their respective names when you activate them (look for the yellow exclamation marks on your minimap). The green mission (Claptrap’s Secret Stash) is completed and ready to turn in.

Note the white diamond next to this mission: this is the selected/active one. The location for the next step of this mission will be lit with a white diamond on your minimap. You can change which mission is active by clicking on it in the menu. Again, all this does is highlight where the next step of the active mission is: you can progress with non active missions without issue if you know where to go.


Follow the advice that my fellow vault hunters just offered. It’s good advice! If you need more specific advice after that, be sure to let us know which character you’re playing on. Which gear you use, and how your build looks, is also useful info for such matters. Here’s a link for showing builds.

And finally… Welcome!

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One thing with normal and true vault hunter modes is that if you only do the story missions , you might find yourself underlevelled after a while.

If you notice that the enemies are too much higher than your level , do a few side quests to catch up. Its also a good way to unlock extra enemies and areas for loot.
(MidgeMong,Boll etc).

Good luck.

I’ll help with whatever you need in-game. PSN thatguysh4rk. We can go step by step through each area you find difficult or how to complete each mission to your playstyle. I’m on most nights and weekends. I’m on PST (west coast north America timezone). We can also get you into the GBX Borderlands community for any other help you could need.

what system are you on? Im available for pc.

Alright thanks everyone you guys are awesome,the destiny fourms ain’t like this if u ask a question or need help everyone says to get good and that your dumb and other dumb crap so again thanks.

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I’m on ps4

Probably should’ve put this in the ps4 teammates and/or help section and not general.